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Socks no longer hide, they assume!

Fancy, girly, childish or downright glamorous, the sock has become in just a few months the new must-have accessory for fashionable girls. So it's time to do some sorting in your drawer, and put away your old mismatched socks, in favor of new pairs of trendy socks . Follow the guide!

Socks, the new trendy fashion accessory

Exposed socks are definitely popular with designers and influencers. But where does this new trend come from?

In the end, it's quite logical:fashion is for 7/8 pants, cuffed jeans and, more broadly, exposed ankles.

But what is usually between a shoe and the bottom of a pair of pants? The sock ! All the conditions were therefore met for the sock to benefit from a good dusting and turn into an accessory in its own right. Stylish socks allow you to transform any outfit into a trendy look, and at a lower cost. We know that following trends can quickly become expensive, but a pair of socks only represents a very reasonable budget, so treat yourself! Worn with pumps they awaken our punk side, in a pair of derbies they give us a pretty British touch, sequined they transform any outfit into a party look... In short, the possibilities are endless (or almost) thanks to socks. We give you some ideas.

7 original and stylish socks to wear proudly

The leopard sock:for the fashionista

The leopard print passes the seasons without taking a wrinkle, and adapts to all trends. It is therefore no surprise that it is found on the socks of fashionistas. To adopt the trend, we advise you to associate them with a relatively sober outfit:XXL sweater, slim black jeans with turn-ups and white dad shoes for example.

The polka dot sock:for the vintage

The polka dot pattern is definitely one of our favorites. It works perfectly well on all clothes, and of course the sock is no exception ! To properly wear the polka dot sock, you have several options. Either you opt for a really vintage model, in white cotton with black or red polka dots for example, to wear with rolled up mom jeans, a white T-shirt and a pair of classic white sneakers. Another option is to choose a transparent sock, in tights, say, with black polka dots. This type of polka dot socks are more feminine, and will work well with a slightly dressier look like a dress or midi length skirt. Wear them with pumps or open-heeled sandals.

The ruffled sock:for the babydoll

The ruffled sock is definitely the cutest option. It recalls the Sunday outfits of our mothers and children, and brings a note of delicious freshness to an outfit. Our advice for wearing it well:avoid the total nostalgic look! On the contrary, it is preferable to offset the ruffled sock with a more modern shoe such as sneakers, and to bet on a rock perfecto-type piece.

The lurex sock:for the holidays

The lurex sock is perfect with pumps, open sandals or heeled ankle boots. Wear it with shorts for a successful effect:skirt, dress or shorts, everything works! This type of sock goes very well with all party outfits, and is also suitable for a winter wedding outfit.

The daisy:for romantics

Nothing like a sock with a daisy print to bring a romantic touch to your outfit. Pair this sock with a flowing, feminine summer dress, preferably in a pastel shade. Shoes that will work well with a daisy sock are patent babies, derbies and jellyfish.

Lace:for the glamorous woman

Lace is, by definition, a material that brings a lot of glam and sexiness to an outfit. Worn over a sock, it turns your ankle into an asset. The lace socks will go very well with a long slit dress, a mini-skirt or even a culotte .

And even the “jewel” sock:for the trendiest

By "jewel sock" we mean those on which embellishments have been sewn:jewels, pearls, rhinestones... Generally, the jewel is on the ankle. This is the trendiest option, but also the trickiest to handle. If you're not an expert, opt for understated combinations:black pumps, understated sneakers, patent leather derbies... Same advice for the outfit, keep a light hand on prints, embroidery and other embellishments.

And the knee-highs? For who ? For what?

Unlike socks that usually stop above the ankles, knee-highs go up to the knees. They can totally pimp up a look, but only if worn under pants:basically it works with rolled up or 7/8 pants. Not to be confused with high socks, which rise above the knee. They are worn with shorts and are a very sexy accessory, so handle them with caution!