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5 ways to hide gray hair

While some of us love gray hair and join the trend of dyeing our hair gray, most of us who are already going gray don't find it particularly charming. We therefore list 5 ways to hide gray hair before you visit the hairdresser for a paint job.

1. Change your hairstyle
If you wear your hair the same way every day, the grays are more prominent. By simply moving your hair to the other side, the outgrowth will be less noticeable.

2. Add some texture If you have your hair in a super-tight ponytail, it emphasizes the roots and thus the gray hairs. Waves or curls provide the perfect disguise.

3. Add an accessory
A nice pin or a hat or beanie can be a distraction for the gray hair. If you're looking for full coverage, try a chic scarf or headband.

4. Go for highlights
If you're not all gray, highlights can be an option. These require little maintenance, and your gray hair is less visible.

5. Color them in These days you have handy tools for between color treatments, which you can easily spray or powder on the hair, such as the Color Wow Root Cover Up or the Collistar Magic Root Concealer Color Spray. They are super easy to use and provide instant coverage.