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black streaks

black streaks

QUESTION: I've tried just about all mascaras, from cheap to expensive, but they all start to set on my upper lid and smudge under the outer corner of my eye during the day. It doesn't matter if they are waterproof or not. I use a clear eye gel (not a thick cream) and a day cream for oily skin. What am I doing wrong?

ANSWER: “Assuming you already have a good waterproof mascara tried, I think you could use an eyelash curler to fix the problem. As I can estimate, you have quite a bit of fluid in your eyes. Eyelashes can bend down and then grow just a little before the whites of the eyes. As a result, they easily pick up the eye fluid and there is a greater chance that your mascara will run out in the corners of the eyes.

By a eyelash curler to use at the root of your lashes, make sure that the lashes curl up and you therefore get moisture smears less quickly from the mascara. You can also matte your eyelids with a powder , so that the mascara does not smudge on the upper eyelid as quickly.”

Thijs Willekes, makeup artist and beauty coach at HNTM,