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4 mascara #fails

4 mascara #fails

Mascara is the makeup product that most of us have been using the longest. However, things can go wrong during application. Are you guilty – accidentally or on purpose – of one of these four mistakes when applying mascara?

Too many layers
Most mascaras are made for two coats. When you apply a new layer of mascara to already dried layers, you have a higher chance that it will clump or that you will suffer from 'spider legs'.

Move the brush up and down in the sleeve
To get mascara on the brush, it is better not to move the brush up and down. This allows air to reach the mascara, causing it to dry out faster.

Forget the bottom
Don't forget to apply the mascara to the bottom (the roots) of your lashes as well. Your lashes will therefore appear longer.

Mascara on your eyelid
When applying mascara to the underside of your lashes, be careful not to leave the mascara brush imprint on your lid or waterline.