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2 tips to wake up your eyes!

Awaken your gaze in 2 tips!

There are times in life when fatigue accumulates and it becomes difficult to hide these signs. Of course, a good diet, a correct lifestyle and plenty of rest are the essential elements. But let it be said, we all live at 100 an hour (the famous metro/work/sleep phenomenon... And the children), so rest is often secondary.

Today, I give you my beauty secrets to limit these effects, and above all to deceive. Exit the easy way, I'm not going to tell you about the latest trendy concealer, these are much simpler solutions. My secrets lie in the use of an eye contour cream and an organic mascara.

Tip 1:your eye contour care

Even if you are not yet concerned about the appearance of wrinkles, a little prevention does not hurt. The Eye Love eye cream from OOlution, presented in the Belle au Naturel "Natural Elegance" box, is concealer , anti-puffiness , antioxidant therefore anti-wrinkle , andsmoothing . I don't particularly have very marked dark circles, but the more time passes, the more they appear.

When used, the cream is thin, white, soft and non-greasy. Its light texture penetrates quickly and that's exactly what I recommend, especially for use in the morning. This gesture is quick and then allows you to continue your routine.
Dark circles are less brown and less visible , even if they are still there (good for miracles, don't count on me). Its strong point lies in the hydration of the eye contour. My skin was very fond of it and delighted. I just find my look fresher. It is a very attractive product, especially due to its impeccable composition, which I can only recommend for this very fragile area of ​​our face.

Tip 2:your volumizing black mascara

The makeup product par excellence to enlarge and awaken your eyes? Mascara of course.
Luckily, Beauté au Naturel slipped us a very promising mascara in the May edition. This isDivine Masquerade from the organic brand Lady Green.

In this mascara, we mainly find vegetable oils (jojoba, marula, sunflower), waxes (carnauba wax, purified beeswax) and mineral oxides , for color. Its ingredients are all at the top since 98% of them are of natural origin , that is to say that they are not synthetic, and 19% are from organic farming. The 2% of ingredients of synthetic origin are in fact emulsifiers or stabilizers which are very well tolerated by the skin and are not harmful at all.

The black color is particularly deep and visible. It restores volume to the eyelashes, without having to apply a lot. What I liked is that it colors the lashes all the way to their tips and the straight brush really separates the lashes from each other. It does not run and dries quickly.

The most astonishing point for me is, without concession:the sheathing of the eyelashes!
The effect is curling , sheathes the eyelashes really well since even after several hours of application, they are still sheathed and curled ! I really liked this result! And inevitably, when on a daily basis you only wear mascara, the look is much prettier.

A quick aside: "When it comes to make-up, pay attention to the composition of the products, look at the composition of the treatments at home and you will probably be surprised about all the chemical substances that a make-up can contain! Your skin is your second stomach, so think ORGANIC to nourish it and keep it in shape."

Promises kept!

And to avoid panda eyes, all you need is a good makeup remover or vegetable oil to remove any mascara residue.

These products are available in the Belle au Naturel box for the month of May.

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