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4 tips to whiten your teeth naturally

Today, we are discussing a subject of the utmost importance, white teeth ! If a beautiful make-up and a beautiful complexion will always bring you a fresh and graceful touch in the morning, nothing is worse than yellow, dirty or stained teeth.

The white teeth are one of the first things you look at in someone. A sign of good dental hygiene that necessarily sends back a positive image. Unfortunately, even when brushing their teeth properly, some people are more prone to white teeth than others! Tobacco, coffee, tea, sweets soil the teeth and stain the dental enamel.

Rather than going directly through the dental whitening box (which we specify is not natural), we offer you some solutions to whiten your teeth naturally . You will see, it is very easy, fast and even surprising!

4 grandmother's remedies to have white teeth

Brush your teeth with baking soda


It is again and again the miracle cure for everything! After the cleaning recipe, that of the hair or even as a highly effective antiperspirant, baking soda will prove useful to make your teeth white as new! To learn more, read our article on baking soda for white teeth.

A 100% natural recipe to whiten your teeth so we don't hesitate for a second.

With its purifying and cleansing properties, baking soda rebalances the pH of the mouth and neutralizes odors, while eliminating stains . Being slightly abrasive for the teeth, the stains are completely dissolved. To use baking soda on your teeth, simply sprinkle some on your toothbrush and toothpaste and proceed to brushing. You can also create a paste with baking soda and water that you put on your toothbrush. It's up to you to see what you prefer!

One to two uses per week enough because beyond that you could damage your tooth enamel!

Vegetable charcoal for white teeth

Another unstoppable grandmother's tip:vegetable charcoal. You have certainly already heard of it because it is a very popular product among Instagram influencers! Everyone praises the merits of this or that vegetable charcoal and a beautiful bright white smile !

Vegetable charcoal and its appearance of black powder can scare you away at first. But in reality, this natural formulation acts as a descaler on our enamel. With it, you will undoubtedly succeed in removing tobacco and coffee stains from your teeth.

However, it is still rather abrasive for the teeth if used incorrectly . To avoid destroying your tooth enamel, be sure to use it only once a week, see twice, but no more. Once your white teeth are back, stop.

Regarding its use, it is the same as baking soda. Sprinkle it on your toothbrush!

Sea salt to whiten your teeth

With a high iodine content, sea salt acts as a whitening and antiseptic ! Just add a pinch of fine salt to your toothbrush and then brush your teeth with it before rinsing. Again, too much use will be abrasive, so take it easy!

Lemon juice


And finally, the lemon juice. Ideal candidate with its natural acidity, it effectively removes unsightly stains and stains . By acting as an anti-tartar, it will remove yellow spots to give them a naturally white shine.

On the practical side, you have the choice between a tooth brushing with lemon juice or you can simply rub the inside of a lemon against your enamel. To avoid attacking your tooth enamel, do this natural recipe only once a week until you get results.

In summary

  • Whitening your teeth naturally is absolutely possible.
  • The best thing is still prevention with the elimination of coffee, red wine, tobacco and anything that could cause your teeth to stain yellow.
  • If the damage is already done, try a natural trick but be careful because even if they are natural, they are no less abrasive for tooth enamel.
  • One to two uses per week maximum! And for a short time!