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I want white teeth!

White teeth:first good daily hygiene

Having white teeth is an everyday affair. There is no point trying to whiten them if you have not first integrated some basic hygiene rules, starting of course with brushing. No dead end:two to three times a day, for three minutes! Remember to choose a soft or medium brush, not harder at the risk of damaging your gums, and change it every two months for optimal hygiene. Also use dental floss daily to dislodge stubborn impurities, and as much as possible brush your teeth immediately after consuming colored foods (wine, tea, coffee, red fruits, etc.), enemies of whiteness.

The white teeth tips of our grandmothers

To bring a boost to your teeth, you can go to the dentist for bleaching with hydrogen peroxide; it's expensive but effective. But you can also manage on your own at home with products from the closet. Baking soda is a great example:with its mild abrasive properties, it acts as a scrub on tooth enamel. Ideal for erasing stains and giving a boost of whiteness. For it to take effect, use it instead of toothpaste every morning for a week. To accentuate its action, you can mix it with a few drops of lemon juice. But beware, the acidity of lemon attacks tooth enamel irreversibly:no more than once a week, then! In any case, natural or medical treatments to whiten teeth should be done in moderation, as they considerably weaken them. Now that you've got great teeth, get a bite to're ready to seduce with your smile!