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Tricks for whiter teeth

Tricks for whiter teeth

White teeth are often high on a woman's beauty wish list. It often costs a lot of money and whitening is not always good for your teeth. With these tricks you can easily create whiter teeth.

Use bronzer

In the summer, your teeth with a tan on your face often look whiter. Unfortunately, in our little country, we can only enjoy the sun for a few months and in winter we often get a paler face. To give yourself a tan again, you can apply a bronzer. Apply to cheekbones, forehead, chin and nose. With this trick you have an optical white smile all year round.

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White wine

It is well known that after a glass of red wine you get a dark layer on your teeth. For whiter teeth you should really switch to white wine. Do you like red wine much better? Rinse your mouth immediately after a glass of wine.


Use a lipstick with a blue undertone. Warm and orangish lipsticks can turn yellow on the teeth, making them appear less white. Lipstick with a blue undertone makes your teeth look whiter. This shade ensures that orange and yellow tones are neutralized.


Coffee is not beneficial for your teeth, because it causes a lot of deposits. Can't live without coffee for the day? It's a cumbersome way, but drink your coffee through a straw. This prevents deep stains from forming on your tooth enamel.

Have a professional bleaching service?

Do you want to have your teeth whitened in a professional way? There are different methods to have that done. You can read more about it in the September issue of Santé. You can order it via our webshop.