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Bubble braid:the new trendy hairstyle of the moment

Are you looking for a changing hairstyle? Tired of the classic ponytail high or low? And if you adopt the Bubble braid , thenew trendy hairstyle adopted by the stars? With its very retro style, it is an easy hairstyle to achieve in just a few seconds. Rather classic or with variations, the bubble braid is halfway between the braid and the ponytail. Zoom on the hairstyle in vogue of the moment: the bubble braid !

What is a bubble braid?

The bubble braid is a hybrid that is located between the braid and the ponytail. And good news, it is as easy to make as an African braid!

As its name suggests, the bubble braid is a kind of ponytail on several levels that form bubbles . Wear it in a high or low ponytail, in pigtails (the famous Spice Girls style high pigtails) or at the end of a braid according to your desires to upgrade its style with a unique touch.

The bubble braid, a retro hairstyle that we love!

One thing is certain, it is not really a new hairstyle since it has already had its heyday a few years ago. But as we know, the return of retro trends never ceases to surprise us! Between short bangs, pixie cut or other vintage hairstyle, it's the turn of the famous bubble braid to find a place.

As so often, it is the celebrities who storm to show us the trends of the moment. Gossip Girl star Blake Lively was one of the first to wear this vintage hairstyle on the red carpet. It will have taken a few more years for the rest of the beauty sphere to follow, but that's it here we are! Besides the fact that this trendy hairstyle only takes a few minutes to achieve, the bubble braid takes us out of our routine a bit. usual hairstyle and we love it! And not insignificant point to underline, the bubble braid can be worn during the day for a neat but relaxed hairstyle as well as for a hype hairstyle. evening . Because perfectly made and pulled to the nines on the top, the bubble braid will give you a sophisticated look and a style full of confidence and femininity. Made by a professional hairdresser, the bubble braid can be perfectly integrated into a romantic wedding hairstyle .

Bubble braid:for whom? What kind of hair?

Contrary to what one might think, the bubble braid hairstyle suits all hair styles . Whether short, medium or long, thin or thick or smooth or curly, you can create a bubble braid. You just have to pick from one of these variants to find the one that suits you best. better!

How to make a bubble braid?

Happy news for beauty addicts budding that we are, finally a hairstyle easy to achieve!
  • To start, make your ponytail high or low according to your desires. The higher the ponytail, the more glamorous you will get, especially if you have long hair!
  • Hairspray for a polished, tamed hairstyle or use a styling product .
  • The next step is to make the famous bubbles symmetrically or rather with the same space between each fastener for an impeccable rendering!
  • Once your first bubble has been made, slightly loosen the space between the two rubber bands to give a domed "bubble" effect .
  • Repeat the operation to the bottom of your hair.

Be sure to choose nice rubber bands. We prefer the uniform side with clear elastics of the same shade, but it is also possible to have fun with different colors.

For a catwalk hairstyle , hide the rubber bands by wrapping them carefully in a lock of hair!

Variants of bubble braid

Just look at the bubble braid hairstyle tutorials to understand that the new trend comes in multiple variants. With or without highlights, parted in the middle or on the side, with a bun, braids and even a banana at the top of the head, there are dozens of styles.

One of the variants as cute as it is contemporary is the double bubble bread . Two duvets freshly attached with rubber bands which gives us this so trendy look .For a bohemian style, we recommend the bubble braid attached at mid-height with some wild locks. Use floral scrunchies or pastel colors to bring a touch of romance and softness. If you don't have thick hair, simply make one or two bubbles in a half ponytail and leave the rest of the hair loose or styled in a nice wave. Do you love doing all kinds of hairstyles? Why not try the integrated braid along your bubble braid ?

In summary

  • Whether you have long hair or short hair, you can have a bubble braid hairstyle without problems!
  • No need to spend hours combing your hair or going to the hairdresser to get this stylish hairstyle, it only takes a few minutes.
  • For its more elaborate variants, do not hesitate to watch tutorials.
  • This quick and easy evening hairstyle will give you a very sophisticated style. During the day, adopt the bubble braid in casual mode with a ponytail base, a slicked back base or even wavy hair under your braid.
  • You can even accessorize it to give it a personal touch (headband, elastic bands, headband, etc.).
  • And if you have fine hair, do not hesitate to hide one or two barrettes to hold your locks on the side or adopt the bubble braid in a half-tail with the rest of the twisted hair.