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The Bluetooth headset:a new trendy accessory

Wireless headsets are multiplying and their looks are getting polished. Some will stick better to certain musical tastes than others.

The Bluetooth headset:a new trendy accessory

Often, musical tastes show through in clothing styles. Since the Bluetooth headset is now an accessory in the same way as a watch or a hat, it adapts according to each person's personality.


Marshall has taken the iconic look of its famous grained leather guitar amps and brought it to wireless headphones. The model named Monitor has a 30 hour battery life and will make it clear to anyone that its owner is more of a Blink 182 than The Weeknd.


For pop and r'n'b aficionados of the ZAYN &PARTYNEXTDOOR genre, the ideal headphones are without hesitation the Beats Solo3. With a lot of product placement in the clips of the pop stars of the moment, it seduces enormously. This wireless headset also has some advantages that do not leave marble:it has more than 40 hours of autonomy, by plugging it in for only 5 minutes, we ensure 3 hours of quiet listening; and finally it is available in 8 different colors. Will you choose shiny black à la Travis Scott or silver à la Pharrell Williams?

Electro Dance Music

The Bose QuietComfort35 wireless model will no doubt appeal to EDM music lovers thanks to its powerful bass and ambient noise cancellation system. For more than 20 hours it will play the best playlists of the moment and fifteen minutes of charging guarantee two and a half hours of listening. Time for a flight from France to Belgium where the Tomorrowland electro festival is held!