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5 trendy ways to wear the black skirt

If there's one piece that goes with everything and is easy to combine, it's the little black skirt . Whether you opt for a short black skirt , a long, straight or tight cut, the black skirt allows you to create an infinite combination of looks. Like the unbeatable black dress, the black skirt is one of the essentials to have in your wardrobe.

Thanks to its neutral color, the black skirt goes with all colors and styles of tops, sweaters, t-shirts, shirts, tank tops, jackets, coats, etc. .

There are so many models of black skirts that it is sometimes difficult to know which skirt to turn to. To help you, we have selected 5 trendy black skirts This year! Discover how to wear the black skirt and what style to create with your skirt.

What are the trendy black skirts of the year?

The black leather skirt

A refined material with a rebellious character, leather is omnipresent this year in the ready-to-wear collections. The leather skirt is the trendy piece of the moment and can be worn in winter as well as in summer.

With theblack leather skirt , we create very pretty casual looks chic or rock. It's a piece that brings a lot of style to any outfit.

  • For a bohemian rock chic look, pair your black skirt with an embroidery or lace blouse.
  • For a rock or grunge look, pair your leather skirt with a rock t-shirt or a black top with biker boots.
  • For a casual look , just opt ​​for a basic white tee and you're done!

The long black skirt

This season, the long skirt has the coast. Midi cuts and pleated skirt models are very trendy.

You canwear a long black skirt to create different clothing styles:

  • A bohemian look with a lace blouse or a floral blouse.
  • A neo-bourgeois-inspired look with a long black pleated skirt and a refined blouse.
  • A rock look with a black pleated skirt leather.

The black denim skirt

Perfect for a casual look, the black denim skirt is the part you need.

You can mix it with a basic T-shirt as well as a white shirt or a colorful top. You can even ride the eighties trend with a striped top and vintage sneakers. Wear it preferably with flat shoes:loafers, sneakers, mules, sandals...

For a contemporary look, opt for a high-waisted black skirt and tuck your top in.

Retro-style black skirt

Whether you like short or long black skirts, you can create a retro or romantic-inspired look with a black skirt with white polka dots .

The midi cut is very trendy this year and it has the advantage of being very easy to wear with sneakers! The same goes for the skater skirt cut that adapts very easily with a retro style.

The polka dot skirt is also very summery and easy to combine with a white or black top. It's up to you to see what style you want to give to your outfit.

A ruffled top will immediately immerse you in a romantic and retro atmosphere, while a black T-shirt with rock inscriptions will give you a more modern touch.

If you are looking for how to wear a black skirt in winter , opt for a skirt cut that arrives below the knees and a chunky oversize knit ! To be warm and stylish at the same time, choose opaque tights or patterned tights to give style to your outfit.

Here are some tips for accessorizing a look with a polka dot skirt or dress.

The glamorous black skirt

If there is one ultra-feminine and glamorous skirt cut, it's the pencil skirt! For a 100% feminine look, opt for a black pencil skirt .

Choose a leather skirt to pep up your outfit.

You can wear this cut of skirt to go to the office or for an outing with friends and even for a chic evening.

Obviously, the pencil skirt will always make you look better if you wear it with high heels. By choosing it black, you are sure to find several possible combinations of tops.

In summary:

If you had tochoose a black skirt this year, opt for one of the 5 strong trends of the moment:

  • the black leather skirt
  • the long black skirt
  • the short black denim skirt
  • the black skirt with white polka dots
  • the black pencil skirt