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4 ways to wear the Duffle Coat chic and casual

If you are looking for a coat that is both trendy and warm, why not opt ​​for a Duffle Coat ?

Indispensable in our wardrobes, this coat that we know for its timeless style is constantly being brought up to date. Easily recognizable thanks to its attachments in small wooden cones called brandebourgs , it is a very comfortable and very warm coat. Its fabric is thick wool, which makes it a perfect ally to face the cold while being sophisticated.

What is the story behind this iconic coat? How to wear the Duffle Coat for a chic and casual look?

Duffle Coat:history and characteristics

The coat of the Royal Navy

The Duffle Coat is of English origin but its history is also linked to the city of Duffel in Belgium, where its thick wool comes from, which makes it an essential piece to face the cold weather with elegance.

During World War II, the Duffle Coat was the coat of the Royal Navy and British soldiers. The buttonhole opening system was then designed so that soldiers could open and close their coat with their gloves and move around easily. Their wide hood allowed them to shelter their sailor cap and their large pockets to put tools inside.

When the war ends, the company Gloverall then resumed the Duffle Coat model to launch into consumer production and the brand quickly became a reference. The coat will be adopted by the Beatles in the 60s which will contribute to widely democratize it and then fashion designers like Balenciaga, Maje, Sandro, Armani and so many others, will seize the phenomenon to put it in the spotlight during the parades.

Caban VS Duffle Coat:what's the difference?

Although for some fashion enthusiasts this is obvious, for others it is not easy to distinguish the traditional Caban from the Duffle Coat, both of which draw their inspiration from the maritime coasts. Here is a little clarification needed to recognize them in no time:

The Caban: recognizable thanks to its double-breasted closure and its two rows of vertical buttons. It has a short cut.

The Duffle Coat: its pockets are very large and patched. Its cut is generally three quarters. It has a large hood and yoke at the shoulders. Its buttoning is different from the peacoat and its buttonhole is identifiable by its wooden cones.

The Duffle Coat for women:a chic and casual coat

The Duffle Coat is as chic as it is casual. With this double advantage, it can be associated with many pieces and kept for several years thanks to the quality of its wool which makes it very resistant to wear. It is therefore an essential for our dressing rooms. Here are 4 look inspirations to take out your Duffle Coat this winter:

The perfect coat for a weekend by the sea!

You are going away for the weekend in winter and are looking for a coat to stay chic during your holidays ? Why not opt ​​for the Duffle Coat? It's the perfect coat for a getaway in nature or by the sea.

Just like the marinière, the Duffle Coat is an iconic piece of marine clothing, so it will be perfect if you are planning a long weekend strolling on the beaches of Deauville. Urban and relaxed spirit guaranteed! You will be warm thanks to its warm wool and its hood which will shelter you from the wind. You can also combine your Duffle Coat with a pretty sailor dress.

How to wear the Duffle Coat for a casual look?

Whether you're walking in town or in the countryside, the Duffle Coat is a good option and will blend in with the decor while adapting to your looks. Ideal for dealing with cold temperatures, it is also an ally in rainy or snowy weather thanks to its warmth and resistance.

We can wear it with a pretty braided wool sweater, raw jeans and sneakers or even with a cardigan, straight-cut pants and Chelsea boots.

Which color of Duffle Coat to choose?

  • If you want to stick with a traditional style, opt for black which will be very easy to match with all your outfits. Beige is also a must and can be worn very easily with raw or black jeans as well as with straight-cut pants.
  • If you like to bring a colorful touch to your outfits, why not opt ​​for a red, navy or yellow waxed Duffle Coat? Just be sure to tune the tones well and keep a contrast between the top and bottom.

Adopt the Preppy style with your Duffle Coat

You've probably heard of the Preppy style ?! This classic style from the preparatory schools of the young American bourgeoisie to Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl has seduced bloggers and fashionistas around the world. This year, the Preppy trend is very strong and the winter 2019/2020 ready-to-wear collections are largely inspired by this chic and bourgeois universe.

If you don't see very well what a Preppy look corresponds to, think BCBG and you're there! We saw it in our article on the main fashion trends this winter, the Preppy bourgeois is indeed in fashion in 2020. Knitted sweaters associated with a small short skirt, moccasins, tartan prints, blazers, fitted cuts etc. ….

A working girl look with your Duffle Coat

The Duffle Coat is a great option for an office look . It is particularly suitable with a chic suit or straight-cut pants. Its look is both classic and elegant, which is very suitable for a discreet and refined working girl look.

In summary:

Why should we adopt the Duffle Coat this winter?

  • It's a timeless that crosses the years
  • It's a warm coat thanks to its wool
  • It is very easy to combine with other pieces whether you wear a skirt or pants
  • The Duffle Coat is suitable for both chic and casual looks
  • It's the perfect coat for a weekend by the sea or in the countryside in winter
  • This is the coat to have in your wardrobe!