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4 ways to wear Dr Martens in style

The 80s generation remembers it well, the Dr Martens had their moment of glory and many teenagers were seduced by these rebellious shoes. This year, they are making a big comeback and are more than ever a trendy piece allowing fashionistas to assert their look with strength and character.

Contrary to popular belief, Dr Martens will come together with a lot of parts . They are now available in many versions! Exit the yellow Dr Martens that we once knew. They can be patterned, plain, with prints and in boots or derbies models.

To see more clearly, we explain to you how to wear Dr Martens this year? Discover 4 inspirational looks to pair with Dr Martens to your favorite pieces.

The surprising story behind the iconic Dr Martens

Dr Martens are the result of a rather surprising history. Dr. Klauss Maertens was injured skiing in 1946. It was because of this accident that he created a shoe with a sole made of used tires. After several prototypes, he perfected his sole with air cushions. The patent is registered! This is the beginning of Dr Martens !!Pretty original, isn't it?

The shoes will first be used in the field of safety by workers until an English manufacturer buys a license and renames the brand under the name that today we know “Dr. Martens”. It is then widely used by the police, still in the context of work.

It is then thanks to the cinema that Dr Martens will hold the attention of the general public. The shoes appear in the essential film "A Clockwork Orange" and sign the rebellious spirit of the brand. It is the beginning of a strong link between rock'n'roll, emblem of the rebellious attitude and Dr Martens sole shoes. Having become ultra-trendy, the shoes are worn by the big rock bands and become the flagship shoes for a successful punk rock look ! Sex Pistols, red Hot Chilli Peppers, The cure are totally embracing this piece and fans are quickly following suit.

But in recent years, Dr Martens have returned to the fore as a real fashion piece . They are also adopted by great designers like Jean Paul Gauthier, Paul Smith or Vivienne Wetswood . Since their beginnings, Dr Martens models have evolved and you can find all kinds of different patterns and colors to wear. They now appeal to both women and men for trendy and modern looks.

How to wear Dr Martens Woman?

Dr Martens have long been the symbol of a generation that wanted to stand out with their rebellious or atypical looks. Faced with so much personality, we often wonder what outfits to wear with Dr Martens for women? Here are some ideas for not making a "fashion" faux pas!

Dare Dr Martens with a skirt

Dr Martens having become timeless and timeless, they should still be worn with a touch of modernity to achieve a successful look. A good way to make these shoes feminine and chic is to pair them with a skirt.

To be right on trend, wear your Dr Martens with key fashion pieces and we choose trendy materials and prints. This year, leather and leopard are once again trends to follow for fall winter 2019/2020, so this makes them perfect choices to combine with your Dr Martens.

What dress with Dr Martens?

If you thought Dr Martens were reserved for punk looks, forget that idea. Fashionistas have understood it, the Dr. Martens can now be worn with all kinds of ultra-feminine pieces and is the perfect accessory with a pretty dress. It's the personal touch that brings character to your outfit by giving a rebellious spirit to your look or a rock and glamorous touch. But then what type of dresses to wear with your Dr Martens?

One of the best combos of the moment is to associate your Dr Martens with a printed wrap dress and a black biker jacket .

If you like bohemian rock chic looks , also dare to wear a long flowing dress to soften the raw side of the Dr martens and make a reminder with a sophisticated leather bag.

To avoid mistakes, always choose prints that are right on trend:houndstooth, tartan, flowers and why not polka dots to mix vintage and rock attitude?

A casual look with Dr Martens

All fashion trends agree to create casual looks in their ready-to-wear collections. But what is a casual chic style? The casual style is the right balance between a sophisticated and comfortable look. We mix a comfortable piece like jeans with a noble piece like a pretty lace blouse or a silk shirt. The idea:to be stylish while looking ultra cool.

To achieve a casual look with your Dr martens , the best way is then to opt for jeans with a trendy cut. Here are some cuts of jeans to choose first:

  • Mom jeans (the cut of the moment)
  • Boyfriend jeans
  • High-waisted jeans
  • Destroyed jeans for a rock spirit

We then choose a pretty plain knit that we tuck into the jeans right on the front or that we choose with a short cut, we accessorize with a small chic bag over the shoulder, a beautiful varnish, some pretty rings and multi-row necklaces and the look is successful!

The Dr Martens Gibson:the star piece of winter 2019/2010

The little last of the Dr Martens collections is the Gibson , a leather derby that reminds us of its big sister but with a more street shoe feel. A good way to wear Dr Martens to work or in a more chic and sophisticated style.

For an urban look, we advise you to combine your shoes with straight pants or a suit. Do not choose colors that are too bright or stick to neutral tones without patterns or prints. Opt for pretty basics and timeless pieces.

The Dr Martens Gibson offers the possibility to create a masculine/feminine look very trendy in recent years.