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4 Ways to Wear a Women's Hoodie - wikiHow

Good news for addicts of hooded sweatshirts, this fashion piece once reserved for casual wardrobes is on its way to becoming a must-have.

Take the hoodie to town becomes an art. If you do it right and pull off this style exercise, you'll look super stylish.

But then how to wear the hoodie this winter ? What to wear a hoodie with ? Mes Habits Chéris gives you its fashion advice.

The hoodie:a new urban fashion trend

The hoodie is the cool and relaxed sweatshirt that we wear at home or in sportswear mode. Comfortable and ample, it allows you to be comfortable in your movements and to be very warm.

With the current retro fashion trend, the hooded sweatshirt managed the tour de force of returning to the front of the stage, and this in ultra urban looks. It is thanks to nineties fashion that we will be able to wear our little trendy sweatshirts in the city. Indeed, branded sweatshirts and message sweatshirts are everywhere this winter.

For a successful style, feminize your look by combining your hoodie with very feminine and fitted pieces. The right balance between a few casual pieces and a few chic pieces….

If we follow the strong trends seen on the catwalks of Fashion Week, we must at all costs choose an oversized hoodie ! It's one of the star pieces for winter.

You can also choose to wear a zip hoodie for a sportswear spirit. We advise you to opt for a white, gray, nude, pink or black hoodie. Choosing a neutral color will make it easier to create stylish combinations.

How to wear the hoodie?

For a chic look

To upgrade the sportwear style of the sweatshirt , we opt for a blazer over his hoodie?

Don't necessarily go for a black blazer…Black is very chic, but you can also wear a tartan or houndstooth print blazer, which will give you even more of a fashion pro card!

In winter, you can also opt for a long black coat, destroyed jeans and high heels to feminize your outfit.

For a rock chic look

It's the perfect fashion piece to create a sublime rock chic look. With which top to wear the hoodie for a rock look?

The ideal piece is the denim jacket over the hoodie. Denim has the ability to immediately give your looks a slightly rebellious look.

If you choose a slightly elaborate piece such as a studded denim jacket for example or an oversized denim jacket, you will succeed in the style exercise with flying colors.

You can also combine your hoodie with slim or 7/8 slim pants (the flagship cut of rock looks). Opt for faded gray jeans or black jeans. Another option:tight leather pants!

For a chic sportswear look

Do you want to keep the sportswear spirit of the hoodie?

Wear a cap, it's an ultra-trendy accessory this year. On the pants side, take jogging or jeans that you will wear with trendy sneakers like Dad Shoes, sneakers etc...

For a streetwear look

For a perfect streetwear look, nothing could be simpler:put on trendy cut chinos or jeans. We wear fashionable sneakers and simply wear a feminine and chic piece like a long straight coat or a blazer.

For example, you can layer a long white shirt under your sweatshirt to give it some style.

In summary:

  • To give style to your outfit, pair your hoodie with an ultra-trendy and feminine fashion piece.
  • Surprise with a combination like:sweatshirt + chic blazer , sweat + white shirt sticking out, sweat + denim jacket etc…
  • For a chic look, do not hesitate to break out the heels and the chic jacket. This mixture is really very successful if you do it right.
  • For a more casual feel, you can wear it with sneakers, but don't forget to wear tight pants and add some feminine accessories (jewellery, city bag, etc.).
  • Dare to mix it up:skirt, sweatshirt and perfecto.