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Which prom dress to choose according to its morphology?

All women dream of putting on a princess dress for one evening. To go to a chic and formal event, the prom dress is circumstantial. It's a cocktail dress that will elegantly enhance your curves.

In order to choose the prom dress perfect for you, it is important to know your morphology to learn how to sublimate it.

Which prom dress to wear according to your morphology ?

What is a prom dress?

A prom dress is an evening dress that we wear during a chic event:a prom, a private party, a chic cocktail party, a wedding, etc. When we think of prom dresses, we immediately imagine the princess dress .

Refined materials, volume at the level of the petticoat, a maxi neckline for some...

The prom dress is a dress that is difficult to wear except for a special occasion as it is dressy. It's a bit of an evening dress, the one that makes us dream and makes us feel beautiful.

Which prom dress for which morphology?

Morphology in A

Morphology in A:shoulders thinner than thighs

In order to rebalance your silhouette, it is advisable to choose a cocktail dress which will emphasize the upper body.

You can wear a beautiful dress with a V-neckline, a draped or asymmetrical neckline, ruffles, etc.

Bustier dresses are also an excellent choice if you don't have too large a chest.

The V shape

V-shaped morphology:thighs wider than the shoulders, long and slender legs, square shoulders

To harmonize your figure and make it even more feminine, you need to emphasize the lower body. For this, choose aceremony dress short with a flowing or straight or flared cut.

Your dress should be more discreet on the upper body (a V neckline for example) without artifice.

The X-shaped morphology

Are you slim and well-proportioned? You're in luck because you'll have a huge variety of Princess Ball Gowns to choose from. . You can afford a lot of things. Bodycon dresses, flowing dresses, empire dresses, strapless dresses, skater dresses, short or long dresses, everything will suit you….
  • If you're petite, opt for short dresses with heels.
  • If you have a small chest, show it off with an asymmetrical neckline, an elegant drape or a pretty wrap neckline.
On the color side, you can choose all kinds of more or less showy prints. You can even afford the red prom dress , flamboyant and glamorous. The chic dress par excellence.

Figure 8 morphology

Are you curvy? (Chest and buttocks rounded, hips and shoulders the same width). Now is the time to break out the cocktail dress glamour. To emphasize your figure, mark the waist with fitted dresses. For example, you can opt for a sheath dress or a skater dress.
  • Choose close-fitting cuts.
  • Be sure to choose dresses with spaghetti straps to feminize your look.
  • And of course, wear heels to slim your silhouette.

The H morphology

H-shaped body:slightly marked waist, slim silhouette and shoulders and hips of the same width.

You have to break the right side of your silhouette by feminizing it as much as possible.

For this, the ideal is to choose a ball gown that looks like a princess like the empire dress for example. Your evening dress should not be too tight but not too flowing either.

O morphology

You have shapes and curves but rather narrow shoulders and a small chest?

The ideal is to choose an evening dress with a straight cut and in a fluid and light material. The empire dress is once again a perfect dress for this type of morphology. It will sublimate the neckline by hiding the curves.

In summary:

  • Every body type has its ideal prom dress.
  • A prom dress is worn with heels.
  • Dare to wear styles you wouldn't usually wear.
  • Favor refined materials:silk, satin, lace.
  • Don't forget to accessorize your outfit.