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Which shade of terracotta to choose?

For naturally golden and tanned skin, the secret is terracotta ! A bronzer that highlights facial features like the sun.

These little magic powders are real allies for a healthy-glow make-up effect and a glow naturally pigmented!

But be careful, using terracotta is good, but knowing how to choose the right shade of terracotta it's even better! Because with this type of bronzer, there is no room for error. A bad choice of shade can quickly turn to disaster and give you orange or too tanned skin.

For a natural look, here is how to choose the shade of terracotta !

What is a terracotta?


Here you are in front of the bronzer department. You are lost in the face of bronzers , with sun powders or other such names? Do not panic, terracotta is a sun powder, also known as bronzer or bronzing powder. You've come to the right place!

The objective of this type of make-up product:to enhance your skin with a naturally tanned tint for a healthy glow effect after sun . Like a contour, the terracotta powder brings touches of light to different parts of the face to enhance your features in the most beautiful way!

In general, sun powders are easily recognizable because they have this satin and pearly appearance , see iridescent for some specific to terracotta. You will see that you will find several categories of terracottas in store. Not all of them have the same textures and the same aesthetic results. Some are matte, others are iridescent and still others are made of different shades.

When to use terracotta powder?

You don't have to be in the middle of August to use bronzer. On the contrary, in the summer months as in the winter months, it is important to play with the different products at our disposal to show off.

In winter, terracotta powder is magical because it brings warmth and light. It comes enhance the dull complexions of the winter season with a certain sweetness.

How to choose the shade of your terracotta?

If Guerlain terracotta powder is one of the most famous in this field, there are many brands that use their ingenuity to offer us all kinds of terracottas in various shades. The main thing is to know how to choose your terracotta so that it perfectly suits your complexion.

The worst mistake to make when setting your sights on a bronzer is to choose one at random, without relying on your own skin tone. As for a foundation or a blush, the terracotta must be chosen according to your skin color .

  • Light skin will have to move towards light shades in tones very close to their skin tone. The rendering must remain natural. You can choose a beige terracotta or a pink terracotta with an iridescent tint for evening makeup.
  • As for dark skin , they should choose warm shades to support the naturally dark color of their skin. Golden, caramel, orange, there are specific shades for dark skin. Besides, be aware that matte skin will be ideally highlighted with a matte bronzer .

More generally, know that we always opt for a shade or two above our own skin tone . Beyond that, the terracotta will be too dark!

How to apply terracotta for a natural look?

It all depends on the desired effect! If you want a natural finish (daytime make-up style), you won't apply it the same way as if you want to reinforce the tanned effect of a beautiful evening make-up.

When should I put on my terracotta?

It is applied just after the day cream or after putting on your foundation. The only basic rule:you must absolutely cleanse your skin before application!

You can even afford a little extra blush on the top of the cheekbones to enhance everything.

Put terracotta in daytime makeup

During the day, the make-up trend is more discretionary. Natural colors, nude shades, nude makeup is one of the most sought after. To make your terracotta blend discreetly into your make-up, all you have to do is apply it with a brush in a step of 3 . Put a little on the temples, cheeks and chin, focusing on the areas that the sun usually hits first. It's the best way to get a natural look!

Terracotta in evening make-up

For evening makeup, some will prefer an iridescent powder for a slightly satiny and shiny finish. Others, on the contrary, will really want to work on their contouring makeup with a compact bronzer . In this case, the ideal is to make a makeup according to the shape of his face. There are many tutorials to learn how to do the right things.

Which terracotta to choose according to your needs?

Besides the shade of your terracotta, you will also need to pay attention to the formulation of the product. Loose powder, compact powder, matte, iridescent, product suitable for dry or oily skin, each powder has its own advantages.

Waterproof terracotta

In summer, one of the best options for makeup that lasts and lasts all day, whether you're at the beach or in the pool, is terracotta waterproof ! Yes, it exists!! A long-lasting effect without runny makeup and without streaks! The complexion is naturally radiant for a natural effect and a discreet, slightly satiny texture!

It will also protect you from the wind and high heat (avoiding the make-up effect that fades due to perspiration).

Terracotta enriched with moisturizing active ingredients

Some brands have added moisturizers and vitamin E to their terracotta, a great way toenhance your dry skin while keeping it perfectly hydrated.

The loose powder mineral bronzer

This bronzer is especially for oily skin ! Indeed, the objective of the mineral powder is to absorb the excess sebum in question in the T zone which shines.