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How to choose the right blush?

To give yourself a healthy glow or accentuate the "doll's cheeks" aspect, the blush is the essential make-up element to have in your beauty bag. To avoid overdoing it and having too much makeup, it is important to choose your blush carefully in terms of its texture and color .

Adapt the texture of your blush to your skin type

Like many makeup products, it is important to choose it according to your skin type . It is for this reason that brands offer several types of blushes.

Thus, in cosmetic stores, you have the choice between:

  • Cream blush:perfect for dry skin
  • Powder blush:rather suitable for combination to oily skin
  • Liquid blush:the newest addition to the blusher tribe, it is very popular among makeup professionals.

Powder blush is the most classic texture and the best known by fashionistas. It provides a velvety, matte finish. Thanks to its very simple application, it is widely used by beginners and experienced.

On the other hand, it is not recommended to use a powder blush on dry or acne-prone skin . Indeed, it may accentuate the imperfections of your face. Middle-aged women should also avoid this type of blush, as it highlights wrinkles .

For dry skin, we recommend using the cream blush . This will give a "glowy" and luminous look to your complexion. This is why oily skin cannot use it so as not to increase the "shiny" aspect.

As for the liquid version, it is one of the latest innovations in blush. You can use this type of product on all skin types, but be careful to get the hang of it when applying it, at the risk of not applying it evenly.

Adapt your blush to your skin tone

In addition to the texture, it is also necessary that the color of the blush adapts to that of your complexion . This point is essential since it can give a natural look to the cheeks and to highlight the face.

If you have a fair complexion, we recommend that you turn to pale colors for an ultra fresh and trendy nude makeup. Besides, we can say that you are lucky. With fair skin, it will not be necessary to have a very pigmented blush. A few brush strokes are enough to bring out the cheeks and a small touch of highlighter on the top of the cheekbones. Avoid colors that are too pronounced and opt for pink or peach. The pink blush , if you have a light and cool foundation and the peach if you have light skin tone and pulling more on the "golden .

For dark and/or mixed skin , the apricot and orange colors are the ones that will suit you best. To illuminate the complexion of North African skin , we also recommend the copper colors and gold.

If you have dark to black skin , you can afford all colors of blush. But prefer those that are more showy and pigmented. Pale colors will not always be visible. So choose colors like fuchsia , orange, plum or copper.

How to properly apply your blush?

Once you have chosen the texture and the color, there are some tips to know to master the application of the blush . The first thing to know is that you should always have a light hand on this product . Depending on the texture and the brand, the blush can be a very, even too pigmented product.

What to apply blush with?

Blending is the most important part of applying blush . You should not leave an obvious demarcation between the color of your cheeks and the rest of the makeup. Don't forget to give the impression of blushing naturally ("pinched cheeks" effect).

For a beginner, it is better to choose the powdery texture . In this case, it will be necessary to invest in a kabuki brush , a brush with a very wide head (the second below). Easier to apply, the powder blush allows you to dose the color well.

The creamy and liquid textures are reserved for those who master already the basics of make-up. These blushes are quite difficult to smudge, blend and remove. Instead of using a brush, prefer your fingers or a sponge. In this case, it will be enough to tap to evenly distribute the blush on your cheek.

Where to apply blush?

Once you've mastered the basic techniques, the question is:where to apply blush ? The infallible method that everyone must know is that of a smile. By stretching your mouth and smiling, your cheekbones will stand out and you can put on your blush.

But the application can also depend on the shape of your face . If your cheekbones are erased, you must apply the color to the hollows of the cheeks. On the contrary, it is necessary to accentuate on the cheekbones to soften the face. We advise you to apply the blush horizontally in order to round off an elongated face. To finish, apply a touch of bronzer!