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How to make a nice line of eyeliner? Which texture to choose?

When it comes to make-up, we all have our little habits. But among the essential make-up products that almost all of us have in our make-up bag, I quote eyeliner . A favorite product of beautystas, eyeliner sublimates the look with intense depth. But even if we love it on others, it is not always easy to apply it well. Because for a successful make-up, it is very important to know how to make a line of eyeliner . A failed line can quickly distort the look or give the air ..

It all starts with learning how to choose the right eyeliner for what you want to do. Are you a little lost in the face of the multitude of existing products? What to choose between pencil eyeliner , liquid eyeliner or something else? How to achieve a perfect line of eyeliner for a makeup worthy of professional makeup artists?

Why so successful with eyeliner?

If it is also essential among all make-up products, it is because it provides an absolute finish for eye makeup. With him, the gaze becomes deep and intense . This is also why it is given the quality of creating a perfect doe eye!

Used in cultures for millennia, eyeliner has always been a mark of beauty for women. Since then, not a day goes by without celebrities going out on the red carpet with a look highlighted with eyeliner (cat eyes version, foxy eyes makeup, cut crease etc). It has become on its own a real make-up trend that we have all tried at least once in our life.

And if you haven't already, we hope that after reading this article, you will have less apprehension about testing this fabulous make-up product!

How to choose an eyeliner?

As you will have noticed, there are severaleyeliner textures . They are sometimes liquid or in pencil form or in jars. In short, suddenly, we do not know what to choose. Is it really just a matter of taste or is there anything else to know?

Liquid eyeliner:advantages and disadvantages

It is probably the best known and most used by women. With the help of a brush, it is a question of coming to achieve its outline in an elegant and sophisticated way. Its little plus is that ‘it does not fade unlike other products. Its little minus:you have to wait for it to dry .

We especially like it for its ability to offer all kinds of different lead sizes that allow you to choose the type of layout you want.

Gel eyeliner:the darling of professional makeup artists

If it can frighten at first glance by its difficult to apply appearance, it is indeed the ideal product for beauty addict . Moreover, professional makeup artists swear by it to achieve their impeccable layout. You'll usually find it as an eyeliner kit with a small jar and an angled brush . If you have the technique to use it, it is a perfect type of eyeliner to not have traces.

It's also great because you can modulate the size of your line yourself without changing the product. And finally, its texture is quite nice since it is light.

For those who love comma eyeliner lines and who master the line!

If you are in this case, you certainly already know this product:the buffer eyeliner. However, it is less known than the others. And yet, it really comes in handy with its stamp presented as a tampon.

Eyeliner for beginners:markers

And finally, the ideal product if you want to test the eyeliner:it is the eyeliner pen . In the form of a felt pen, all you have to do is draw your line on the eyelid as you wish. It dries quickly, it is easy to put on and you can choose the thickness size you want according to the different markers.

How to make a perfect line of eyeliner?

Choose your line according to the shape of your eyes

Now, on to the technique with some beauty tips. If you want to succeed with your eyeliner line, you will have to do it according to the shape of your eyes. Yes, yes, it's as simple as that!

  • You have wide-set eyes ? The line of eyeliner is ideal for modifying this aspect of your look. It will be necessary to make a line that will approach well the inner corner of the eye. Conversely, if your eyes are very close together, prefer a graphic liner line that goes towards the outer corner.
  • You have sunken eyes or almond eyes ? To further open the eyes, make a simple liner line with a small comma at the outer corner of the eye.
  • For little eyes , accentuate the gaze with a line on the upper eyelid and a very light line on the edges of the eyelashes (at the level of the lower line). By joining, your two lines will give an effect of size.
  • And finally, for bulging eyes or round eyes like marbles, the line should be very thin at the inner corner, then thicker at the outer corner. It's the famous doe's eye so much sought after!

A few tips for a successful eyeliner line

  • Eyeliner is best applied to smooth, clean skin. We put it on before putting your eyeshadow on your eyes and before putting on your mascara;
  • For simplicity, we always start with the inner corner of the eye to begin its line;
  • Be careful to get close to the eyebrow line so as not to create scattered areas;
  • If you can do this, do not pull on the eyelid to tighten it when applying your product;
  • You really can't do it? Buy yourself an eyeliner stencil! This tool will help you achieve the straight and neat line as you would like.