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Which guest outfit to choose to go to a wedding?

That's it, you're invited to a wedding ? Good news, you are already thinking about the guest outfit that you are going to wear for the big day. But let it be said, choose your outfit to go to a wedding is as complicated for a woman as separating from her old clothes.

This is the beginning of a real headache:not wearing white, not stealing the show from the bride, respecting the established dresscode, being in the theme wedding, be chic and elegant without overdoing it!

But then how to dress to attend a wedding? What outfit to choose for a winter wedding? Discover all our fashion tips to simplify your life and find the perfect outfit for the ceremony.

How to dress for a wedding?

Choose your wedding guest outfit according to your morphology?

How to choose your outfit according to your morphology?

If you adapt your outfit to your morphology, you put all the chances on your side to choose the perfect outfit. To succeed in this exercise, do not hesitate to read our article "Dress well according to your morphology". You will find a complete guide and outfit ideas to highlight your figure.

What outfit to wear for a wedding when you are plump?

Choosing an outfit to go to a wedding is always a crucial moment for a woman. We want to feel beautiful and elegant and to stand out thanks to a pretty outfit without overdoing it. When you are round, you tend to worry even more about it because you want to hide certain complexes that you might have. The choice of outfit then becomes even more complicated!

Here are some perfect options to make you feel beautiful in your outfit:

  • Choose a combination panties . This will have the advantage of lengthening and refining your silhouette by concealing unsightly curves. The jumpsuits are really very elegant. Wear chic pumps and a refined clutch to complete your outfit.
  • Opt for a chic dress:when you are round, you should favor models of pencil dresses, wrap dresses, empire dresses or flared dresses.
  • You can also wear a skirt or high-waisted pants with a flowing top or a blouse in a light material.

Choose your outfit according to the type of wedding

What outfit for a chic wedding?

The dress is obviously one of the first choices when looking for a chic outfit for a cocktail party, a party or a wedding. But it is not the only possible option for you to go to a wedding! High-waisted pants, a chic jumpsuit or a skirt paired with a nice top can also create very sophisticated looks.

Try the palazzo cut for a retro chic touch or a matching suit!

Also be sure to choose your accessories well:elegant hat, refined clutch, chic jewelry...

What dress for a wedding?

To avoid fiddling with your mind for hours, here are some models of guest dresses for a wedding which are sure values:

  • The strapless dress:this is the feminine dress par excellence with its cinched waist and curved chest.
  • The long dress: very trendy this year, you will find a multitude of cuts of long dresses to make your choice. From the vaporous dress to the sheath dress, you have something for all tastes and all body types. Try to choose it in a refined material like silk or with a glamorous detail (a bare back).
  • The red dress: the red color is very chic. Therefore, opt for a fitted cut but not too sexy at the risk of looking vulgar.
  • The lace dress:lace is perfect for a wedding. Whether you opt for a lace dress or a dress with a simple lace detail at the collar or sleeves, the material will immediately bring a very elegant and chic touch.
  • The wrap dress:this cut is perfect for most silhouettes and highlights your neckline.
  • The black dress:dare the black dress in a short version. Opt for a flared and vaporous model or a straight and fitted cut and be sure to put on colorful accessories to brighten up your outfit.
  • The trapeze dress has a very sophisticated cut for a wedding. Choose a short trapeze dress with a round neck for a chic retro style.

You can also turn to general sites like Asos to find the perfect formal dress :from the cocktail dress to the princess dress.

What outfit for a civil wedding?

You are invited to a civil wedding and have no idea which outfit to choose?

Your outfit should be chic but not too flashy. Opt for a jumpsuit, a pretty dress or a suit. It is more difficult to arrive at a civil ceremony with a real princess dress. Bet above all on elegance! Discover wedding guest outfits for women over 50 here!

What outfit for a winter wedding?

You are invited to awinter wedding or in the fall? Confused by this less usual choice than an outdoor wedding on a warm spring or summer evening, you have no idea what outfit to bet on? How to stay elegant and chic while being warm? Do not panic, here are some tips to help you in this difficult task. First of all, there is no question of taking out your most beautiful summer dress to reintroduce it in winter. Sorry girls but we'll have to wait for sunny days!
Choose your coat carefully which will be a central element of your outfit. It must be sophisticated and highlight your outfit. To be comfortable and elegant, it's very simple, bet on chic dresses with long sleeves and a high neck. Choose a detail such as a pretty Peter Pan collar, a lace detail or a beautiful brooch to dress up your outfit. asymmetrical that you will match with a pair of chic tights and your most beautiful ankle boots. There are very beautiful navy blue lace dresses for a winter wedding. Finally if you don't feel like wearing a dress why not opt for a chic jumpsuit ? Choose it with a chic detail or ornament:a bare back, lace, etc. Hairstyle:think of the headband but be careful that this one does not mess your hair up if you want to remove it during the evening. Deer head or felt hat will be allies for chic and sophisticated looks.

How to dress for a country wedding?

Certain cuts of dresses are to be preferred for the bucolic and romantic atmosphere of country weddings. Here is which dress to choose for a wedding countryside :

  • Lace dresses
  • Vintage-style dresses
  • Long dresses
  • Long flowing dresses
  • Skater dresses
  • A-line dresses

Opt for floral dresses, with polka dots or in pastel tones in summer (lilac, parma, pastel green etc).