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10 fashion trends to follow for spring-summer 2020

That's it, time to refresh our wardrobe and get ready for summer!

A few months ago, the Spring-Summer 2020 Fashion Week took place with its batch of novelties and elegant and refined fashion pieces. What were the most striking trends? What will be the next must-haves of the 2020 summer season ?

Let's go for a analysis of fashion trends women's ready-to-wear fashion shows.

Eighties-inspired puff sleeves to bralette , new ultra sexy and refined fashion piece, here is our top 10 fashion trends to adopt for spring-summer 2020.

10 fashion trends to adopt for spring-summer 2020

Balloon sleeves

This year, fashion keeps surprising us with its oversized volumes and oversized sizes.

Already very present this winter, puff sleeves will gain ground and become a real must-have for the summer.

We love the couture spirit associated with this fashionable piece and its retro side that reminds us of 80s fashion. It is romantic on a little floral dress or elegant on a transparent blouse.

Bermuda shorts

While the trend of cycling shorts made the fashion world succumb in 2019, it is the turn of the bermuda to make a comeback. We love its very elegant masculine/feminine spirit, perfect for a neo-bourgeois look very fashionable this season.

Shoes tied at the ankle

Whether you choose flats, high heels or wedges, this summer the shoes will be laced around the ankle! Espadrilles, mules, sandals, pumps, our ankles take on height thanks to ultra-glamorous feminine lacing.

The bralette

Halfway between the crop top and the bra, the new piece to adopt this summer is the bralette.

Wear it like a croc-top with high waisted pants and a suit jacket to "upgrade" the ultra sexy spirit of this lingerie-like fashion piece.

The bralette will be very glamorous with chic pieces such as a white shirt, a suit jacket, a blazer etc. You can make it a little more sportswear with sneakers.

The Neon trend

Contrary to the romantic trend of the moment, it is a futuristic trend that is coming in full force:neon !

From green to fluorescent yellow, as a single touch or as a total look, the stabilo color hasn't finished surprising us.

To wear neon with style , pair it with basics:

  • a leather skirt and a neon yellow sweater
  • trendy yellow sneakers paired with an all-black look

The jacket

The dandy-style or British-style jacket that used to be reserved for men is making a comeback, but this time in women's wardrobes!

Chic and vintage, the jacket is the perfect piece for a feminine/masculine look well done.

The tailor

The trouser suit is an essential piece of the male and female wardrobe.

This season, the suit goes with your blazer. From the fitted cut to the oversize cut, you will find loose or structured trouser models.

Macrame and crochet

This summer again, the fishing net trend of crocheted pieces ormacrame bags is still very present and goes with all our dressing rooms.

The black and white polka dot print

Vintage is a safe bet. With its retro spirit, it perfectly dresses up glamorous looks.

From the black and white polka dot dress to the polka dot print blouse, polka dots are everywhere ! Big, small, mix and match, polka dot is the print of the season. Find out here how to accessorize a polka dot dress .

You'll see them in all colors, but especially in black and white prints.

The trench coat

The mid-season coat will be the trench coat!

In a modern version and less classic than usual, the trench coat is no exception to the oversize trend. Wear it in beige, black or two-tone for a touch of elegance.

In summary:

Here are 10 fashion trends to remember for Spring/Summer 2020:

  • puff sleeves
  • bermuda shorts
  • shoes tied at the ankle
  • the bralette
  • the neon trend
  • the jacket
  • tailored trousers
  • macrame, crochet and embroidery
  • the black and white polka dot print