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3 wedding guest outfit ideas for women after 50

You are over 50 and you are invited to a wedding soon? Have you ever considered your outfit choice? Maybe you are even the mother of the bride. Whatever your function at the wedding, it is important to take care of your outfit to arrive beautiful and sparkling on the day of the ceremony. Without overdoing it or stepping back, it's all about finding the pretty wedding guest outfit in which you'll feel good and perfectly flattered. Here are our fashion tips and look ideas for choosing a wedding guest outfit after 50 . Style of dress, colors, materials, accessories, what to choose?

3 tips for choosing the right wedding guest outfit after 50

We had already seen how to dress when you are a woman after 50, now let's see what outfit to wear to a wedding when you are a 50 year old woman. Yes, in a wedding, we can say what we want, everyone spy on each other more or less, looking carefully at the outfits of others or any fashion faux pas. When you're 50, like everyone else, you want to feel beautiful and good in your guest outfit . But beware, some outfits deemed too young are not necessarily unanimous. No way to hide under an ugly dress that does not flatter you! So, what outfit to wear when you're a wedding guest at 50? Here are some tips to follow!

Choose a cut adapted to your morphology

At 50, you are sure of yourself. We know our strengths and normally know how to hide our little complexes. And if you don't know, it's very simple, you learn to choose clothes according to your morphology. The B.A.BA of a successful wedding guest outfit is to choose a cut that flatters the figure. Of course, these things can be learned. Read our article on how to dress according to your morphology. You should learn to recognize your morphology and find a lot of advice there for choosing the cuts of your dresses and pants. Needless to say, after 50 years, we prohibit haircuts that are too short (for skirts and dresses) and we also avoid oversized cuts.

Opt for refined materials


To give style to your outfit and above all, elegance, bet on refined materials such as silk, velvet, satin, linen, cotton.

We assume our femininity

At all ages, we assume our femininity. Being 50 does not mean that you have to camouflage the strengths of your silhouette, quite the contrary. It is quite possible to choose a dress with a discreet wrap-over neckline or a dress with a slight slit at the knees. It's all about the right mix, really!

3 wedding guest outfit ideas for a 50-year-old woman

The ceremonial dress

Several dresses can be suitable for a guest outfit. But for a 50-year-old woman, some cuts are particularly elegant. This is the case of a beautiful bustier dress worn with a stole , anavy blue sheath dress or burgundy or a sumptuous empire dress (the perfect cut to hide the curves in the belly).

One of our favorites is without context the midi wrap dress (halfway between the sheath dress and the slit dress). Soft and elegant in a pale pink dress version (aged or wood pink), it is the perfect option to dress for a ceremony. It will highlight the complexion, it brings freshness, and above all it is very easy to accessorize!

Note that three-quarter dresses are allies for women who complex on their arms. All in finesse, it covers just what is needed without taking away an ounce of elegance.


The jumpsuit

The jumpsuit is a modern and elegant option. It is a perfect alternative to the formal dress or the cocktail dress. This outfit is comfortable and sophisticated. For a wedding, opt for a plain color and no prints, and a jumpsuit made from a refined material!

The women's suit

In the trouser version, the suit can be very modern for formal wear. However, we make sure to choose it in soft colors or punchy to avoid making it cheesy. And of course, we accessorize her with a nice pair of heels!

A few tips for a successful outfit

The most important thing is to choose a color that looks good on you. Additionally, some colorways are more upscale than others and more likely to blend into the formal theme of a wedding. Navy blue is a royal color , perfectly suited for a wedding guest outfit. Black is also worn, although some say it is not suitable. As for the pastel colors, they are fresh and modern! Finally, the Bordeaux and the pine green , are also perfect choices, especially for winter wedding guest outfits .

On the other hand, if you like prints, be careful, they are less easy to wear from the fifties. Discreet flowers, polka dots, don't take too many risks on this side.

Wear elegant shoes with a small heel or a high heel. The flat shoe is less dressy and less modern. For mother of the bride outfits, the hat is also recommended!