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10 trendy thigh tattoo ideas for women

Very trendy at the moment, tattooing is an art that is constantly evolving . Whether temporary or not, thigh tattoos are very attractive to women who want to bring out their seductive side while being trendy and feminine.

The tattoos on the thigh have several patterns that sometimes give you the embarrassment of choice:flowers, butterflies, and why not a garter belt. The choice is up to each person.

Here is our selection of the most beautiful tattoo ideas on the thigh of the moment .

The thigh tattoo:The trend of the moment

Despite the reputation that tattoos have for being most painful where the skin is thinnest, this hardly scares fans of tattooing. Discreet or conspicuous, tattoos on the thigh have the advantage of being a little less painful and of being concealed if desired; it always has its small effect there because the thigh evokes a lot of femininity and sensuality.

The most beautiful models of thigh tattoos for inspiration

Dreamcatcher thigh tattoo

Tattoo that comes from the Lakota Indian tribe very attached to spirituality and superstitions.

Scripture thigh tattoo

This is a particularly ancient practice. Not devoid of affect, it represents for the tattooed person a story to write on their skin.

Mandala thigh tattoo

Obviously reminiscent of childhood, these pretty designs with rounded shapes and arcs have now become the new tattoo trend of the moment. The circular arcs sublimate the female body and take us on a journey to India.

Garter, bow, ribbon, lace tattoo

The most requested tattoo model by women on the thigh, the garter tattoo is ultra glamorous . Neutral or colorful, it takes on a surprising and very sensual side, but also very realistic when you indulge in a few fantasies:pearls, flowers, heart, or secretly hidden under the skirt accompanied by a pretty little revolver.

Flower tattoo

The embarrassment of choice is enormous between a rose for love, a sunflower for a solar touch, a lotus flower for a zen spirit, or even a pretty floral composition for the most romantic among us. Very nice idea for a timeless tattoo , flowers are the emblems of romantics and dreamers.

Butterfly tattoo

The butterfly is one of the most colorful and attractive creatures in the animal world. People who tattoo them on themselves are considered to be carriers of beauty. It symbolizes grace or transformation, as well as thoughts of freedom and independence.

Landscape tattoo

There is nothing more magnificent than having a pretty landscape tattooed on your thigh to show your affection for nature or to evoke a place that is dear to you. The sea, the forest, the mountains, etc. the choice is yours according to your desires.

Maori tattoo in pattern or on full thigh

Also called Ta Moko, the Maori tattoo is a traditional permanent marking of the Maori, a Tahitian or Polynesian tribe. An ancestral practice that has conquered the world beyond its native borders.

Kite and koi fish tattoo

This is a popular tattoo for lovers of oriental culture. It is the expression of honor, strength and courage.

Tattoo skull, tribal, celtic designs, gun and animals

Although aggressive at first glance, these tattoos signify strength, power, protection but also wisdom.

You can complete our 10 ideas for women's thigh tattoos with this very complete article.

Tips for a successful thigh tattoo

Before embarking on such an initiative, you must first know the reason, the location, the right tattoo artist etc… Here are our tips for a successful thigh tattoo .

Consider choice of pattern

Avoid getting a tattoo based on current trends; avoid giving free choice to the tattoo artist; it is best to bring your own drawings, photos, writing models, etc. and above all choose a tattoo that matches your personality, your story.

Choose location carefully

Choose a place where your skin is tight and where it is most likely to remain so, at the risk of seeing your tattoo become deformed in the long run.

Find out about your tattoo artist

Always take the trouble to find out enough about the tattoo artist to whom you are going to entrust your body.

If it is possible for you, go so far as to see it in action in his studio; ask for their previous accomplishments; ask him all the questions that cross your mind, it will avoid unpleasant surprises.

Watch your skin

Consult a dermatologist before deciding. When tattooing, avoid touching areas where you have moles.

Prepare for pain

Some types of tattoos can be more painful than others. It is carried out using a dermograph consisting of anchoring in the skin by a series of subcutaneous perforations. The encounter with the needle is not a cakewalk. Pain has never been anyone's friend.

Give yourself time to think

Take time to think through all the parameters before committing. The more time you put into it, the better your tattoo will be.

Take care of your tattoo

It is imperative to follow the tattoo care instructions to the letter, with the application of healing ointment and disinfectant prescribed by the tattoo artist, the mandatory wearing of sterile compresses etc… Avoid exposing your tattoo to moisture and bacteria, especially in saunas, swimming pools, hammams, throughout healing. Above all, avoid too much sun exposure.

Choose timelessness

Once the tattoo is done, it will stick. It is therefore advisable to be careful when choosing a tattoo what you are going to do, it should reflect your personality or story; the pattern should ideally be timeless but also very personal.

Be sure to own your tattoo

Before getting a tattoo, whatever the size of your tattoo, make sure you can handle it all the way. A simple and sometimes discreet tattoo is recommended especially if it is the first one.

Focus on femininity, but never be vulgar

When choosing your tattoos, bet on your femininity. For example, a lion head tattoo won't suit you that much unless it's biased... On the other hand, a simple butterfly or a dragonfly could underline your femininity. A rose could bring out your romantic side, but again it's all about choice.

Where to position a thigh tattoo?

  • On the thigh: You have the choice between Disney Princesses, real works of art, magnificent tattoos with stunning colors and an overflowing imagination.
  • Around the thigh: You have the choice between garter belts, flowers, writing and many others... but the most beautiful are the tattoos that tell a story.

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