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What shoes for women with chinos?

Among the trendy pants that women like to wear this year, chinos have a place of choice in urban silhouettes. These pants with the ideal cut for most body types are indeed an ally of choice for twisting your looks according to your desires. Because yes, chinos have the advantage of being modern, combining comfort and style in all circumstances. We wear it to the office, in the evening, on weekends or on vacation, without having to rack our brains to know what to associate it with. On the other hand, when it comes to the choice of shoes, it is sometimes a little more complicated.

Looking for what women's shoes to wear with chinos? Follow our fashion tips!

Why should you choose your women's shoes with chinos?

Chinos are the little timeless fashion darling who knew how to democratize to find a place of choice in the basics of the female wardrobe. Formerly confined to the preppy and preppy wardrobe, trendy cotton canvas pants is now available in endless colourful, neutral versions or with beautiful prints. It adorns our looks with a casual fashion touch that's right in tune with the times! As a versatile piece, it even adapts very easily to all kinds of tops. White shirt, blazer jacket, trendy sweatshirt, oversized knit, refined blouse, tank top, it's simple, it goes with everything!

But beware, if it is easy to associate any top with it, it asks you to choose carefully which women's shoes to wear.

Why ? The chino pants are cut 7/8th, this means thattheir length reveals part of the top of the ankle . With this type of cut, not all shoes fit. But that's not all, chinos are now a real chameleon piece in our wardrobes, they adapt to all styles of clothing. And it is the choice of shoes that will determine the tone you want to give to your outfit.

However, rest assured, all shoes (or almost) go with chinos! What matters is above all to choose the women's shoe that suits your style of dress.

Choosing your shoes according to your clothing style:the instructions

Chinos in casual mode with sneakers

With its cut and its light and pleasant material to wear, chinos are undeniably ranked among the top casual style pants. And since it is part of the casual pieces, it is with sneakers that it must be worn. White, black or colored neutral low-top sneakers, it's up to you to choose according to your look of the day. Anyway, surf the current shoe trends to find the pair of sneakers to match it.

For a trendy style of clothing

For an effortless look As desired, chinos can be worn over a flat leather mule, a blouse or a small basic white T-shirt with a messenger bag or leather clutch.

You like casual or casual chic styles , but your hobby is fashion, the real thing! Zoom on the compensated basketball! With a feminine and modern shape, it elongates the silhouette, and in addition, it classifies you in the category of trendy girls.

For a feminine and sophisticated outfit

Obviously, if you want to wear chinos with great class and femininity , these are the high heels that you will have to take out. In pumps version , strappy heels or even block heels as is the vintage shoe trend, choose a stylish pair of shoes with neutral tones like black, gold or silver.

Preppy dress style

If you are one of the preppy girls, your derbies are by far the most suitable pair of shoes. With an elegant shirt, a blazer or a beautiful pussy-bow blouse, you'll have everything you need for a chic and sophisticated woman.

What shoes to wear with chinos in winter?

In winter, you can choose from the different shoes mentioned above, but unlike in summer, you can also break out your ankle boots! However, be careful to roll up the bottom of your chinos so as not to cause the trousers to fall over the shoe. Moreover, this chino-boot style is only recommended if you have opted for high-waisted chinos, the goal being to re-model the silhouette to be all in length.

And in summer?

In summer, nothing could be easier than wearing chinos. With sandals, dad shoes, mules, sneakers or even espadrilles, you'll have it all!

And you, what shoes would you like to wear with chinos?