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What shoes to wear with a strapless dress?

Strapless shoes and dress, rock side

Is it possible to turn such a naughty strapless dress into a rock icon? Easy, even, with the right pair of shoes! A favorite of rockabilliy fashion, the strapless dress transforms with a simple pair of biker ankle boots. Preferably studded, or even equipped with a large metal buckle, with a matching perfecto and a black smoky on the eyelids. Second option? Low boots in black leather with heels, to play the sexy rocker. Or laced leather boots, carelessly detached, to accessorize the strapless dress in a grunge look under a long chunky knit cardigan!

Shoes and strapless dress, bohemian side

An unmissable trend, the bohemian look has made the strapless dress her favorite. With or without shoes, the queen of festivals can be worn in a short or long dress, but always in a soft and printed version. Airy veils to accompany low boots, in suede and with small heels… or fringed leather moccasins. Bet without hesitation on the natural shades, tobacco or havana and, for the most daring, dare the authentic cowboy boots! Above ? Cover your shoulders with fringed shawls, colorful scarves and embroidered kimonos.

Shoes and strapless dress, wise side

You chose the bustier dress for its retro side, assumed 1950s effect? Dare to wear the full range with the matching shoes! Choose a dress with a marked waist and a corolla skirt below the knee, cover it with a smart short cardigan with three-quarter sleeves... and pair it with ballet flats, quite simply. For a touch of modernity, contrast the colors by playing on pop hues. Unless you adopt the flower girl look in pastel shades and white socks!

Shoes and strapless dress, glamorous side

As we said, she is sexy. If you have chosen the strapless dress to turn it into a glamorous evening dress, highlight it with heels! A romantic evening? Launch the seduction operation in a sheath or pencil bustier dress, with red or black, patent and strappy pumps for the dominating trend... Less dramatic, but just as charming, the bustier dress with a corolla skirt goes wonderfully with pumps from color, matched with a short jacket or heeled sandals for summer evenings!

Shoes and strapless dress, beach side

Your dress, do you like it under the sun and by the beach? Perfect on vacation, the bustier dress needs little to be sublimated. In this case, sunny shoes... To visit during the day, put on a pair of buckled sandals, comfortable and airy. Swap them for colorful flip flops once on the sand, then opt for a pair of wedge sandals or espadrilles in the evening… it’s time for al fresco dining and cobblestone dancing!