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What make up to wear with polka dots?

What make up to wear with polka dots? Polka dots appear everywhere on our clothes, in oversized or minimal versions, they promise a feminine and sophisticated look . What make up to give to her polka dot outfits? Discover's advice for a successful look every time.

For sunny days, we want a polka dot outfit , whether they are small or oversized! But how to make up with polka dots? We choose an easy-to-wear make-up:we stay sober and we illuminate our complexion.

For the complexion, we put everything on the light. To do this, we will first unify our skin with a smoothing base, then apply a foundation with a brush , very slightly to maintain transparency. To preserve the natural light of our complexion and illuminate the face, we powder only the areas that shine too much. For a glowing complexion , we keep the shine on the forehead and the top of the cheekbones. The powder must be deposited in a veil, very fine. On the cheekbones, we choose a pink blush very soft, for a fresh complexion.

On the eyes, opt for a glossy look , with a brown iridescent or wet-effect shadow, which is applied with the finger on the entire mobile eyelid. With a brush, we stretch the brown make-up from the level of the eyelashes towards the temple, and under the eyelids for a smoky very light. We stay above all in very natural and warm tones, for an eye make-up almost nude, but full of shine. We remain light on the mascara and above all:we brush the eyebrows and highlight them with a pencil in the same shade.

For the lips , we capture the light with a transparent or delicately pink gloss. We draw a greedy and shiny mouth, in a mischievous spirit, which will go perfectly with a polka dot outfit. Sobriety and shine for a fresh and spring make-up!