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What make up to wear with burgundy (the new red)?

What make up to wear with burgundy (the new red)? Burgundy was unanimous on the catwalks (fall-winter 2012/2013) from Bottega Veneta to Maison Martin Margiela… In order to sport the it color for the season, it is fashionable to dare this “new red” on strong pieces (long coats, boots). But what make-up to wear with it? What are the tips and products that make it easy and quick to do it?

Bordeaux is the new red!

Warm, tinged with mystery and furiously couture, burgundy is one of the it-colors of the season. At Bottega Veneta, he expresses his imperial character on a strict coat, which contrasts with a transparent, almost virginal complexion. Sobriety is in order… The only fantasy allowed on this look, the mouth, ultra-matte, ultra-colored. In burgundy, of course.

Step by step to master this easy-chic make-up in just a few minutes.

The complexion:

We start by preparing the skin with a BB cream , to hydrate and enhance the natural radiance of the complexion in a single gesture. Then, we smooth wrinkles and fine lines with a concentrated filler, which we apply directly where the skin needs it.

Then, we apply a new generation foundation, enriched with moisturizing active ingredients for glowing skin that glows with health. For a natural result, the material is deposited with a brush in the center of the forehead, on the nasolabial folds and on the chin only. Finally, apply a veil of loose powder all over the face to obtain this matte finish, velvety but not set.

Last but not least, treat yourself to a spray of make-up fixing mist all over your face, in order to maintain a perfect complexion for hours and hours...


BB cream, Bobbi Brown:30 euros.

Rides Filler immediate filler for deep wrinkles, Roc:28 euros.

Ultra hydrating foundation SPF 15, Bobbi Brown:41 euros.

Free Universal Powder, Chanel:42.90 euros.

Make-up fixing mist, Make-up for ever:21.90 euros.

The gaze:

Video of the day:

The look , very soft, plays tone on tone and almost blends with the complexion. The only nuance observed, a slight sheen on the eyelid, made interesting by a play of contrast with the dullness of the complexion.

In order to obtain this luminous look, we start by unifying the entire eyelid with the help of a base for shadows. Then, apply a nude shadow on the mobile eyelid. Then, we play the purity to the end of the lashes by sheathing them with a transparent mascara. Finally, with this same mascara, brush the eyebrows in an upward gesture, in order to structure the look.


Eyeshadow base, Make-Up For Ever:18.50 euros.

Nude Luminescence eye shadow, Dior:26.90 euros.

Transparent mascara for eyelashes and eyebrows, Make-Up For Ever:17.95 euros.

The mouth:

The burgundy color, assumed, claimed, expresses itself with force on the lips. Very drawn, adorned with a matte color all over, the burgundy pout winter 2013 cuvée is sexy, but demanding. Before depositing the color, we therefore use a treatment capable of repairing, moisturizing and smoothing the lips in just a few seconds. Then, we draw the outline of the lips with the brush then, we apply the burgundy color directly using the pencil, or with the finger for a more “fuzzy” effect. Make sure to choose a lipstick enriched with moisturizing active ingredients to prevent dehydration.


Rouge Coco balm care:26.90 euros.

Rouge Pur Couture N°205 Prune Virgin, Yves Saint-Laurent:29.90 euros.