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10 feather tattoo ideas

You are not the first to want a feather tattoo and you certainly won't be the last!

Today, the feather is certainly one of the most requested designs among tattoo artists for many reasons:its meaning, its minimalist, its softness or its sensuality.

This tattoo is very feminine and very popular, because its meanings are many and you will certainly find among the 10feather tattoo ideas , the one that is made for you.

What is the meaning of a feather tattoo?

Like most tattoos, the feather tattoo has many interpretations.

Feather tattoos usually symbolize air and freedom. But it will mainly depend on the different cultures, the type of bird, but also the color of your tattoo and your own interpretation.


The feather tattoo according to different cultures

Whether in the history or religion of different cultures, the feather has many associations. There are mainly four major symbols around the feather :

  • For Native American people, the feather symbolizes a relationship with the spiritual world. Headdresses of tribal chiefs adorned with feathers are certainly not unheard of. They represented in these chiefs honor, confidence, their power, wisdom and freedom. By getting a feather tattoo, you associate yourself with all of these qualities. Among warriors, the feather was a symbol of courage, because they obtained it after a good battle. The Native American feather will represent you well if you have overcome hardships or great adventures during your life.
  • The Egyptian feather is associated with the gods of the sky:Shu, the goddess of truth and justice and Ma'at, the daughter of the sun god, often illustrated with ostrich feathers.
  • In Christian culture, bird feathers symbolize closeness to gods, but also to the spirit. Winged angel silhouettes are also very common.
  • Among the Celts, it was the god Morrigan who wore a raven feather cloak. Legend has it that he allowed him to turn into a bird so he could travel and observe the world from above.

A bird, a meaning

There are more than 500 types of birds and each has different feathers. However, only three bird feathers stand out and are very popular in tattoos:

  • The Eagle Feather Tattoo , a symbol of courage, strength and perseverance. The eagle is considered the king of all birds, it is also associated with authority.
  • Doing an owl feather tattoo , you will combine good culture and intelligence. It was in Greek mythology that the owl became associated with Athena, the goddess of wisdom. An owl feather tattoo can also symbolize spiritual inclination, given the closeness between the bird and the sky.
  • The third one is a peacock feather tattoo . It symbolizes royalty and beauty, but is also associated with creativity and rebirth. You will see eyes on the peacock feathers, they too have their meanings. On the one hand, they are called the eyes of the devil, as a sign of protection. On the other hand, they highlight your courage to overcome the various obstacles that life throws at you.

The meaning of feather tattoo colors

With all the colors that exist, four colors stand out above the others for their meaning.

  • The white feather is a symbol of peace and purity. It is also associated with holiness and marriage.
  • The blue feather associates with the sky, symbolizes creativity and peace. It is one of the least common colors on feather tattoo ideas.
  • For the red feather, it is associated with passion. Without forgetting the legendary phoenix which has the power to be reborn from its ashes.
  • Finally, the yellow feather symbolizes mental alertness and intelligence. It is a sign of topicality and concentration.

What does a feather tattoo say about you?

As ​​you just read, the meanings and interpretations of a feather tattoo are numerous.

Here is a summary of what feather tattoo ideas symbolize :

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Purity of Mind
  • Rejuvenation
  • Dreams;
  • Transformation;
  • Advanced Thinking
  • Spirituality
  • Freedom
  • Traveling Spirit;
  • Magic
  • Lightening
  • Inspiration;
  • Pure and brave heart.

What can be the other interpretations of a feather tattoo?

Besides the interpretations of feather tattoo ideas about birds and different cults, the feather is also associated with writing.

The feathers for writing were usually those of goose, duck, rooster or swan. Even if today we no longer use the pen to write, it still remains a symbol of poetry and literature.

In this perspective of symbolization, the feather tattoo wants to show the desire to write its own story e, unique! But above all being brave, independent and free.

What is the best area for a feather tattoo?

Can we actually definethe best area for a feather tattoo idea ? It will depend on the size and pattern.

If you want a minimalist tattoo , you can opt for the wrist (preferred area for a feather tattoo), the ankle, the finger or even behind the ear. For a more extensive tattoo, the forearm, shoulder, back, thigh or calf will be perfect.

We still want to remind you that a tattoo is for life!

If you're not 100% sure about your tattoo, go for an inconspicuous area that can easily be hidden by clothing, and keep the places clearly visible to those you assume 100%.

10 feather tattoo ideas

Now that you know everything about feather tattoos, it's time to summarize everything you just read in order to find the 10feather tattoo ideas which have been announced:

  1. The cultural pen (Native American, Egyptian, Christian or Celtic);
  2. The Peacock Feather
  3. A dove feather;
  4. The Raven's Feather;
  5. An eagle feather;
  6. A feather and a dream catcher
  7. The Owl Feather
  8. The Ostrich Feather;
  9. A quill pen;
  10. The Phoenix Feather.

You just have to make your choice, knowing that these 10feather tattoo ideas are just ideas. There are many species of bird that could suit you and fit perfectly with your personality and your character.