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20 ideas to burn 500 calories a day!

To lose weight, it is necessary to expend more calories than you consume.

Obviously, you should not reduce the number of calories you eat as much as possible, but spend this energy (kcal) through physical activity and consume better quality calories. For your health, be careful not to eat less than 1300 calories per day, especially if you play sports because your muscles need to be nourished to develop and therefore obtain a more toned silhouette.

Practicing regular physical activity will allow you to shed your winter pounds and prepare your body for the beach. Know that spending 3500 calories allows you to lose 500g. All you have to do now is spend 500 calories a day to reach your goal smoothly.

Here are the sports activities that will allow you to burn them effectively

  • 2h of yoga
  • 2 hours of tennis
  • 1h30 walk
  • 1h30 of pilates
  • 1h30 of riding
  • 1h15 of muscle building with weights
  • 1 hour elliptical trainer
  • 1 hour of intensive cycling
  • 1 hour of cross-country skiing
  • 1 hour swim
  • 1 hour of beach volleyball
  • 1 hour of zumba
  • 1 hour of aquagym
  • 1 hour of skating
  • 50 minutes of holla hop
  • 45 minutes of jogging at about 10km/h
  • 45 minutes of boxing
  • 45 minutes of rugby
  • 30 minutes of jump rope
  • 30 minutes of rowing

To optimize your efforts there are also some lifestyle habits to adopt

Listen to your hunger: stop eating when you are full, but on the contrary eat when your stomach is crying out for food. Starving yourself can destabilize your metabolism which will end up storing as fat the least food consumed. If your body is crying out for food, it needs it. Obviously everything will be played on what you will give him!

Eat protein for breakfast and vegetables at every meal . In both cases, you will be satiated quickly while having provided your body with all the nutrients necessary for its proper functioning. Thus, you snack less and you will have more energy.

Hydrate all day and avoid sodas or ready-made fruit juices. Drinking enough water, at least a liter and a half is essential. Water will help cells function properly. If you take a sugary drink instead, you will ingest more calories. But if you take pure water without additives and without any chemicals, your body will be healthier.

Sleep at least 7 hours a night: you know the expression “who sleeps dines”?! Sleep is important for health. It is while sleeping that your body regenerates and recharges. It is indeed during rest at night that your body recovers the energies spent during the day. Thus, by getting enough sleep, you gain strength and attack the day with more conviction.

Replace cutlery between bites is a simple but effective gesture to burn calories. People who chew well and who do not rush during meals consume, in fact, fewer calories than those who eat in a hurry. You should know that your brain takes 20 minutes to get the satiety message. No need to rush during meals. According to the results of the study done by the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, resting your cutlery between each bite is an effective way to save 300 calories per meal. Applying this principle morning, noon and evening will therefore allow you to save the 500 calories daily more easily.

Dine at the table and not on the sofa in front of the TV is also a simple but effective way to burn 500 calories a day. When you eat in front of the TV, your average calorie consumption exceeds 290 calories more than usual. Eating at the table quietly and without watching TV will therefore allow you to better concentrate on your meal and avoid accumulating the calories that will have to be burned. After each meal, you should also favor a short digestion walk of about an hour. This will help you eliminate excess calories.

Cleaning up will also help you burn the 500 calories daily. You should do an average of 2 hours of intensive cleaning in the house. By intensive cleaning, you must do all the household chores including cleaning the floor, vacuuming, scrubbing the toilets, tidying the rooms, dusting the furniture, etc. To facilitate these tasks, you can sing, dance or even listen to music at the same time. This will help you be more productive and have fun to avoid feeling too tired.

Playing guitar while standing for about 130 minutes will burn you 500 calories a day. When seated, the time will need to be doubled to burn the same number of calories. If you are passionate about music, this activity more than passion and entertainment for you. It will also stimulate your senses.

Window shopping for about 2 hours and 30 minutes will help you eliminate 500 calories for the day. At the same time, you can take advantage of this moment to have fun with your loved ones. As the activity will invite you to get out of your house and do a walking session, you will therefore be doing sports without you realizing it. You should know, however, that if you spend your time sitting on a bench in front of a store, your goal will be difficult to achieve.

Now you know everything you have to do to chase down 500 calories a day without making too much effort and without necessarily thinking about sport if it traumatizes you!

If you succeed in implementing all these lifestyle habits, you will lose your extra pounds and improve your health!

Have a nice day