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Skin care:beauty preconceived ideas to zap!

During a discussion with a friend, family, or in a beauty tutorial, we sometimes hear a little anything and everything about skin care. And yes, some received ideas die hard, and lead us to make beauty mistakes that spoil our beauty routine! Take a closer look at these preconceived beauty ideas, so that we no longer make mistakes when taking care of our skin.

Sunscreen helps fight skin aging

TRUE . The rays of the sun, as pleasant as they are, are the first responsible for skin aging . Ultraviolet rays, and especially UVA rays, penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. They alter the production of elastin and collagen, the two proteins that give us firm and smooth skin. Too exposed to the sun without protection, the skin will lose firmness, develop wrinkles earlier, and pigment spots.

Do you like lazing in the sun to have a nice tanned complexion? Sun protection does not prevent tanning (and yes, another received idea)! For example, our Flash Protect tinted cream offers light sun protection, to protect your skin from skin aging, while tanning!

Oily skin does not need to be hydrated

FALSE . Combination to oily skin is skin with excess sebum. Sebum is the lipids naturally produced by the skin. Lipids, combined with the water present in the epidermis, create the hydrolipidic film . This film guarantees the skin protection against external aggressions, but also a barrier to retain water in the epidermis.

If oily skin does not need to be nourished (it does not need lipids so we avoid nourishing creams), it is not at all in excess of water and it needs be hydrated daily . Hydration will protect your skin from attacks and prevent it from becoming more greasy, while protecting you from premature skin aging. Conclusion:we do not forget the moisturizer!

Exfoliations damage the skin

TRUE AND FALSE . There's exfoliating your skin, and exfoliating your skin. Some exfoliating products can be too harsh for skin prone to dry or sensitive, and damage it. If your skin is reactive or prone to dryness, bet on light exfoliants , like our Clean exfoliating duo. Its light action allows daily exfoliation, without damaging the skin.

And yes, exfoliations, in the form of a scrub or a classic exfoliant, must be spaced out. A scrub performed every day will end up drying out the skin, irritating it, and potentially generating redness or hypersebhorrea. In short, gently exfoliate daily or exfoliate once a week only ! If exfoliation is done properly, it will allow you to tighten pores, activate microcirculation, fight against dull complexion and imperfections.

The eye contour can be replaced with a moisturizer

FALSE . The skin around the eyes can be up to 10 times thinner than the rest of the face. She is very sensitive and fragile, and needs specific care . Indeed, a classic moisturizer will not sufficiently nourish the eye contour. In addition, if the texture of the moisturizer is oily, or if it contains fairly powerful active ingredients, the material can migrate into the eye and damage your pretty eyes .

We therefore adopt an eye contour treatment that nourishes this fragile area as it should, prevents the appearance of dark circles and smoothes crow's feet. To bet on a safe bet, discover our anti-wrinkle Eye Magic, elected to the victories of beauty 2019-2020!

Using anti-ageing care early on gets the skin used to it and the care loses its effectiveness

TRUE AND FALSE . We have often heard that, just as the body can become addicted to a drug, the skin can become accustomed to anti-aging treatments. Result:they would lose effectiveness and no longer have any effect when you really need them!

In fact, that's not really true. Using anti-aging skincare from the age of 25 or 30 is a very good reflex , to prevent and delay the appearance of the first wrinkles, or sagging skin. Starting early will allow you to "limit the breakage" from the start, and avoid struggling with excessively marked wrinkles 20 years later.

If the skin does not get used to anti-aging skincare in general, it can however get used to certain active ingredients and become more “lazy” . If you have the impression that your cream or your anti-aging serum is losing its effectiveness, do not hesitate to change to see if switching to another active ingredient would not "wake it up". Thus, varying your beauty routine between winter and summer can be a very good idea:we adapt the treatment according to the temperatures, with richer treatments in winter than in summer, and we avoid the skin from too much getting used to.