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A totally revolutionary powdered shower gel from Energie Fruit!

A vegan and eco-friendly concept, the powdered shower gel from Energie Fruit has not finished talking about it. Innovative, pioneering and super moisturizing, this totally natural product represents the future in the market for hygiene and body care products.

Energie Fruit presents its powder shower gel, a revolution

Sophie and Carol-Ann took more than two years of development to find the perfect composition for their powder shower gel .

Indeed, their Shower Powder – so nicknamed, in connection with the natural cosmos – aims to shake up our daily habits. But above all, its creators aim to contribute on their own scale to a healthier environment, both for the skin and for individuals.

It is therefore not for nothing that the packaging itself is intended to be as nomadic as it is practical . The powder transforms as if by magic into a creamy and soft foam in contact with water, it therefore remains ultra light and easy to use, to combine pleasure and efficiency.

You can carry it everywhere with you, in the shower of course, but also in fitness rooms, on weekends or during your treks for the bravest. To try it is therefore to adopt it in all circumstances. But not only.

Born from a totally original idea, the Energie Fruit powder shower gel, a small revolution in the industry, will quickly find its place in your bathroom.

Body care:a shower gel in powder, playful and sensory

Made in France , this one is completely vegan. In other words, a hygiene product with a super healthy formula but above all avant-garde. Enriched with prebiotics (which strengthens the skin's natural defences), in powder form it turns into a natural shampoo, with exquisite scents like monoi, for example.

But beyond its innovative side on the hygiene and body care products market, it is above all likely to spread like wildfire. In fact, this powdered shower gel from Énergie Fruit is not only 100% ingredients of natural origin, without preservatives or sulphates, but it especially contains 0% of endocrine disruptors . It is enough to discover the ingredients that compose it to judge its quality.

Natural ingredients for exceptional softness

  • Corn,
  • Starch,
  • Sodium,
  • Sodium lauroyl sarcosinate,
  • Glutamate,
  • Citric acid,
  • Sodium bicarbonate,
  • Calcium carbonate,
  • Oryza Sativa (Asian rice),
  • Rice starch,
  • Inulin,
  • Perfume (fragrance),
  • Alpha-glucan,
  • Oligosaccharide,
  • Water,
  • Fructose, Glucose and Sucrose.

Fruit Energy Shower Powder:how does it work?

Moreover, its use is all the easier if you just have to:

  1. Pour a dose of powder until it fills the palm of your hand
  2. Add a little water to lather
  3. Spread the creamy foam all over your body.

The star product for your bathroom

In summary, the powder shower gel, "Shower Powder" from Énergie Fruit will provide you with a simple, quick and effective gesture, all the softness of a moisturizing product, to be used without moderation. Without forgetting its innovative principle, now capable of revolutionizing your habits in an eco-responsible gesture, good for the planet and above all for the good of all.