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Choose the wrist for a discreet tattoo for women

Do tattoos make you fall in love, but you don't dare to take the plunge? You love discreet tattoos for women ?

First of all, it is necessary to choose a location to make your small tattoo . Many women opt for the tattoo on the wrist , a strategic place, when you want to hide your tattoo with a watch or a bracelet.

Here are all our tips for making a woman tattoo on the wrist . Discreet tattoo ideas , tips and tricks.

Why get a tattoo for women on the wrist?

The wrist:a discreet area for a small tattoo

The wrist is a sensual and delicate area. We particularly appreciate it for a first woman tattoo . Why? Because the tattoo is 20 years old, it's good, we're beautiful, young and happy with our new girly tattoo. But what will happen in 20 or 30 years? Will I get bored of my tattoo?

The wrist tattoo is therefore perfect for making a discreet tattoo for women. And besides, it's a sexy place!

A perfect area to keep your tattoo in good condition

If there's one place on your body where your tattoo will be protected over time, it's the wrist.

Sheltered from the sun, friction and folds, the aging of the tattoo on the wrist remains intact for very long years.

A practical area to enlarge your tattoo

Another undeniable advantage is that you can very easily decide to enlarge your wrist tattoo in the future.

Does a wrist tattoo hurt?

Many women are reluctant to get a tattoo on the wrist lest this area be most sensitive.

Indeed, the skin of the wrist is thin and this can raise questions about the pain of the tattoo.

In reality, the vibration of the needle will not be very pleasant in this place, but it will not necessarily be painful.

  • In general, tattoos are small in this place, so the duration of the tattoo is very fast.
  • Filling is always a bit nastier than outlines.
  • If you have chosen a very basic tattoo devoid of interior patterns and coloring, you will be fine and you will not even see the time spent. I promise!

What is the meaning of a wrist tattoo?

You may not know it, but in some cultures the part of the body chosen for the tattoo has a special meaning.

What is the meaning of a wrist tattoo ?

The hand and wrist are strong symbols of activity and spirit.

It can also be the mark of a hierarchical order and symbolize your position in society.


6 discreet tattoo ideas for women on the wrist

As ​​with most areas of the body, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to the design of your tattoo . A completely personal choice, which requires prior reflection.

To inspire you, we have put together some ideas for the perfect wrist tattoo themes:

Woman first name wrist tattoo

Very widely used, the tattoo on the wrist with a first name seduces many women every year.

Cute, discreet and easy to do, getting a first name tattoo is a strong symbol.

Woman flower wrist tattoo

Flowers are very trendy but they are also a strong symbol of femininity and purity. It is therefore an excellent choice for a discreet tattoo on the wrist.

Woman wrist bracelet tattoo

What if you made a feminine and aesthetic bracelet that would never leave you? The bracelet is the basic feminine and decorative accessory for women. It is discreet, chic and elegantly decorates the finesse of a wrist.

The mandala wrist tattoo for women

The mandala tattoo has always been very popular. It is imbued with strong symbols since its motifs all have a precise meaning.

There is something for everyone, from basic patterns to tribal patterns. You can explore very widely the possibilities of mandala tattoos for the wrist .

The woman's personal wrist tattoo (motif or phrase)

Heart, geometric pattern, symbol, anchor, bird…. Find a cute tattoo design that appeals to you and speaks to you! Perfect for discreetly adorning a feminine wrist!

The woman wrist date tattoo

Getting a date tattoo is very fashionable.

Small, personal and cute, the date tattoo invokes a personal element of your life. Roman numerals, basic numbers, GPS coordinates, be inventive and creative!

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