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10 questions and answers about septum piercing

Piercings are often associated with the punk rock style, yet they continue to be popular among young people. More and more celebrities are opting for septum piercing .

At the septum piercing..what? Thenasal septum is the septum that separates the two wings of the nose. You know the piercing with a ring in the middle of the bull nose!

Rihanna, Zoé Kravitz, Jessica Biel or Shym, all these ultra-feminine women have dared to septum piercing . A unique style to display its difference while remaining feminine.

What is the symbol of thisnose jewel to say the least original? Do you dare to adopt the septum piercing trend ? Discover 10 things to absolutely know about this nose piercing ?

10 things to know about septum piercing

Where is the septum?

The septum is the part of soft skin located between the two wings of the nose . Contrary to popular belief, the piercing in this area is therefore not done in the cartilage but in the skin.

Depending on the individual, the skin in this area may be more or less thin.

What is the symbol of a septum piercing?

This fashionable trend is not new and actually comes from a deep tradition rooted in certain tribes. Its initial symbol has been hijacked for use as a fashion accessory with a rebellious and non-conformist spirit.

It is a very common piercing in the Aztec, Maya tribes and among the Incas and Aborigines. A symbol of wealth for some, of respect for others, the septum piercing takes on different forms and takes on different meanings depending on the culture.

Why opt for a septum piercing?

Most piercings are conspicuous and hard to hide. The advantage of this original nose jewel is that you can hide a septum piercing very easily, an undeniable advantage!

Indeed, once the healing is done, it is very easy to return your piercing inside your nostrils and do so as you wish.

You cannot wear a piercing at work ? Don't want your parents to see your piercing? It's practical, just turn it over and you're done!

Does septum piercing hurt?

As ​​with tattoos, the question of pain for a piercing is omnipresent among those who secretly dream of taking the plunge.

So yes, the septum piercing hurts. Inevitably, the piercing is done with a needle that passes through the skin. But as with ear piercing, the pain is very short. Phew, a few seconds will be enough to perform the piercing.

You may sneeze or shed a few tears (reflex, not pain!) at the time of the piercing.

How much does a septum piercing cost?

Nose and tongue piercings are more expensive than piercings on the rest of the body. Count between 50 and 55 € budget for a septum piercing .

How long does a septum piercing heal?

We're not going to lie to you, the healing of a septum piercing is sometimes long, but it varies a lot from one individual to another. It takes between 2 and 4 months minimum.

When to change your piercing?

You will have to wait until the healing is complete before changing your piercing or turning it. In fact, the fistula can quickly close up. It would be a shame to change too quickly without having waited for complete healing.

In addition, an early change can be a factor of infection by allowing bacteria to pass into the unhealed area.

Can anyone get this type of piercing?

No, not everyone can opt for a piercing in this area. This partly depends on the shape of your nasal septum. Only a piercer will be able to advise you on whether or not to perform the piercing.

Which nose jewel to choose for a trendy look?

You have several possible options. The most discreet and feminine is to choose a discreet septum jewel. For this, thin rings are perfect. This is the most modern and standardized version, the one that will be the least conspicuous in the eyes of the public.

You can also choose a horseshoe septum jewel if you want to stay on the punk rock spirit of this piercing.

There are many models of nose piercing, from the largest to the smallest and from the most discreet to the most conspicuous.

Are there clip-on septum jewelry?

Yes, there are many clip-on nose jewels . People will see nothing but fire and you can quite choose to wear this type of accessory as a simple evening jewellery. Just choose a ring that clips between the two nostrils.

In summary:

  • The septum piercing is a very trendy fashion accessory.
  • The septum is the soft skin between the two wings of the nose.
  • This type of piercing turns inward and is very easy to hide.
  • The cost of a septum piercing is around €55.
  • Piercing pain varies from person to person, but the unpleasant feeling quickly passed.
  • Healing can vary from 2 to 6 months depending on the individual.
  • For a feminine touch, opt for a thin ring septum jewel.
  • Good news, if you don't dare to get a piercing, there are clip-on jewels for this place!