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What is the ideal outfit for a country wedding?

In recent years, the trend of country weddings couldn't escape you. Getting together in an idyllic setting, surrounded by flowers and nature for a most romantic moment is a dream for future bride and groom. But what is it in reality? Very often, the ceremony is in the middle of nowhere and now we have to brave the wet grass while remaining high on our pretty ceremony heels. It's not always easy to choose a suitable outfit!

The challenge is threefold:find the perfect guest outfit, be in the theme of the country wedding and be comfortable in the outfit you wear.

So how should you dress for a country wedding? What shoes to choose? What accessories to be neither too chic nor too casual and blend in with the rustic theme of the wedding?

The bohemian and romantic world of country weddings

That's it, you've been invited to a country wedding, nice, it promises to be romantic! But what is it exactly? What is the style of a country wedding?

The spirit will be rural! This means that the wedding will be nature-themed. You may find yourself in the shade of a hundred-year-old oak tree, under an old stone barn or in a magnificent flower garden. Weather permitting, the evening may be spent outside.

The newlyweds have chosen this theme and are counting on their guests to bring out their most beautiful bohemian chic outfits to celebrate the event. So there is no question of arriving with an outfit that is too casual.

A little taste of decorating country weddings:

  • Flowers everywhere, vegetation
  • Wood and natural materials
  • Noble materials like lace to combine chic and country style
  • Sober tones, no more flashy colors

In reality, during a country wedding, the color codes are quite simple:we put on plain tones or flower patterns.

Pastels are very popular for this type of ceremony. Think romantic and be romantic!

How to dress for a chic country wedding?

While choosing your outfit may seem obvious for a classic wedding, things get complicated when looking for the perfect outfit for a themed wedding! However, there are very simple rules to follow to find the outfit you need for a country wedding . This theme being fashionable and bohemian being more trendy than ever, you will see that the stores are full of pretty nuggets for your chic country look.

What is the dress code for a country wedding?

Here are some basics for choosing your outfit if you are invited to a rustic wedding:

  • Choose subdued colors
  • Opt for pastel tones:soft yellow, pink, blue, green, parma, lilac, purple...
  • Forget colors with dark tones like black, which is not appropriate
  • Choose beautiful materials such as lace, silk or even tulle
  • If you're looking for a print to wear:bet on flowers
  • The gingham print is also perfect for a country ceremony
  • If you like flowers but sparingly, why not choose a simple floral detail? A cuff, a beautiful floral crown or even a pretty vintage pocket square...
  • Opt for flowing, long dresses with a bohemian chic spirit
  • If you don't want to wear a dress:you can wear high-waisted pants with a lace top or a silk shirt. Jumpsuits are also very practical and very chic to go to a wedding.

What dress to wear to a country wedding?

There are several types of dresses that will blend in perfectly with the decor of a rustic wedding.

Let's not forget that the country wedding is a mixture of romanticism and modernity. To find out which dress to wear to a country wedding , the ideal is then to take inspiration from the vintage style of past years. If you rummage through the 40s, you will find many inspiring looks to find a great dress. At the time, it was the trend for dresses and pleated skirts, mid-calf length with a very marked and ultra-feminine waist.

Always staying in the vintage inspiration of retro chic, we can also take inspiration from dresses from the 50s and 60s with Gingham dresses , polka dot prints, floral prints and ultra-high waisted cocktail dresses.

You can also look for the bohemian chic style with its long flowing dresses with floral prints and pastel tones. We often think of long dresses, but short dresses (skater or trapeze style) are just as suitable for this type of wedding.

The best dresses for a country wedding:

  • Long dresses
  • Skater dresses
  • A-line dresses
  • Long, flowing dresses
  • Dresses fitted at the waist
  • Vintage-style dresses
  • Dresses with floral prints
  • Dresses with beautiful materials:lace, satin, silk, etc.
  • Bustier dresses
  • Dresses in soft pastel tones

If you bet on a pastel, you will therefore be perfectly in the theme of the country wedding and in addition you will have chosen one of the major fashion trends of fall-winter 2019/2020 .

Chic country wedding:accessories that will make all the difference!

At a country wedding, accessories are more important than ever. As we have seen, flowers often predominate in this style of ceremony. However, it is difficult to adopt a flowery look and it does not suit everyone. A good compromise is then to bet on the accessory that will make all the difference for your outfit.

Here are several chic and trendy accessories to enhance your outfit.

Let's get started by accessories for your hair: whether you opt for a braided hairstyle or a pretty wavy one, you can bring a romantic touch by adding a barrette in your hair. Why not put some elegant and discreet pearls? You can also opt for the perfect accessory for a chic country wedding:the flower crown . If you have chosen a long bohemian dress, the flower crown will be the accessory you need for a successful outfit.

Handbag choice: the spirit of the wedding being minimalist, out of the question to come with your tote bag or your usual leather bag. We opt for elegant pockets that we hold in the hand. You can find beautiful ornate clutches at lower prices in many well-known stores such as Zara, New Look etc. You can choose to match the pocket to the color of your shoes.

If your outfit already has flowers or prints, your clutch should be sober and plain and vice versa.

Shoes: to the delight of some, long bohemian-style dresses allow you to wear flat sandals because they are hidden by the length of the dress. They are therefore perfect in summer to be able to dance until the end of the night. However, it is still a marriage and the ideal shoe is obviously a pair of heels! To avoid being uncomfortable, be careful not to choose heels that are too high, which would sink into the grass.

Finally, so as not to be cold during the wedding, you can bring a shawl or a beautiful scarf to protect your shoulders after dark.

What outfit for a man invited to a rustic wedding?

Women often worry about what to wear, but what about these gentlemen?

The male guest outfit for a wedding countryside is quite easy to find. Here are some tips for looking perfectly in-theme:

  • Choose cotton, linen or tweed shirts
  • Try on chinos ! It's the perfect cut for country style
  • Choose pants or a suit in neutral tones:beige, navy blue, green.
  • Bet on the accessories:a Liberty bow tie, suspenders, a flowery tie...

You don't have to wear a suit jacket, you can also opt for a fitted waistcoat or choose to bet everything on the accessories while remaining sober on the outfit itself.

For example, you can pin a few flowers to your shirt or choose to accessorize your linen shirt with a simple Liberty bow that will make all the difference.

However, be sure to follow a few basic rules:

  • Keep in mind that your outfit should be simple but chic
  • Flowers yes, but with sobriety and a touch of elegance:we do not multiply the prints!
  • Accessories are a must for a country wedding:dare to choose a patterned bow tie that would be more difficult to wear at a classic wedding

Now you have in mind the perfect dresscode for a country wedding.

For even more inspiration, do not hesitate to read our article on the different types of outfits for wedding guests.