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Be casual-chic for back to school:tips and look ideas

Back to school is often an opportunity to renew your wardrobe a little to incorporate some key pieces from the fall-winter collections of major designers.

The back-to-school must-have? The casual-chic look . A clever mix of trends for an effortless and creative style. Discover our advice to adopt this look without going wrong!

Tips for being casual-chic without missteps

Playing with trends while avoiding fashion faux pas is not always easy. We give you some basic tips to be both chic and relaxed, without ever committing a faux pas.

Go for high-waisted pants for a chic and casual look

High-waisted pants have quickly become a must-have in this fall-winter wardrobe. We appreciate its very feminine cut which will highlight your silhouette. Wear it with a pretty blouse and sneakers for a simple and effective chic-casual look. Do not hesitate to offset it with a denim jacket to break up its sometimes somewhat strict cut.

Succumb to chinos:the perfect pants for a relaxed and elegant style

Military-inspired chinos are now the adored piece of our springs, but also our winters. Chinos are generally made of natural fibers, most often cotton, but designers now offer them in warm blends, such as cotton/wool.

Overuse leather accessories

A casual and chic look is based on the association of elegant pieces and others more relaxed. To make yours a success, we advise you to favor noble materials, and particularly leather, present in all seasons with designers.

This back to school, leather accessories are absolutely everywhere! Also, do not hesitate to abuse it to create chic-casual looks:belts, jewellery, hair accessories, bags... Do not be afraid of imposing accessories, very fashionable this year.

Go for long coats

With the first frosts of autumn comes the time for overcoats and coats. And that's great news for lovers of the chic-casual trend! Nothing beats a nice coat to elegantly end a more casual outfit.

Long coats such as pea coats or trench coats have the wonderful power of lengthening silhouettes, while giving the wearer a lot of allure . We particularly like the long gray tartan coats from Isabel Marant's star collection, which are both ultra-sleek and a bit androgynous. Note also that the masculine-feminine style is a major trend for this fall winter.

And to be in tune with the trends of fashion designers, bet on beautiful, long faux fur, the darling piece of great fashion designers looking for fashion more respectful of animals and the environment. Designer clothes are undoubtedly the ones that adapt the most to these trends and mentalities.

Swap your heels for leopard sneakers

Leopard has long been displayed on designer clothes. For this season, we advise you to adopt leopard sneakers . A pretty model will advantageously shift a classic outfit, for a touch of relaxation.

One ​​of the main advantages of leopard print is that it is easy to combine:black, grey, white, camel… We particularly like models with red details , laces for example, which easily add pep to any outfit.

As always with leopard print, be careful to choose a quality material to avoid any vulgarity.

Belt your knit vests to enhance your outfits

Being chic and casual at the same time sometimes comes down to very little . A beautiful belt, placed on a knit vest and your outfit takes on a whole new dimension!

We particularly like the rather wide belt models, which will bring a lot of style to any vest. If you want a trendy cardigan, we recommend a slightly long and chunky knit model.

A touch of purple in your wardrobe

Each year has its own color. This time it's purple to dress us. Select a few pieces in purple to add a colorful touch to your back-to-school wardrobe. As it is a color that can be a little cold, we advise you to match it with brighter rooms, or to wear it on your accessories.

A beautiful electric purple scarf, for example, will enhance a somewhat simple outfit by giving it a good dose of trend. Purple also works wonders on a pair of pointed pumps.

Combine jeans with noble materials

Casual piece par excellence, jeans can also serve as a base for a casual-chic outfit . We recommend that you choose a classic cut (cigarette, bootcut or even slim) and a raw shade for more elegance.

To add chic to jeans, wear them with noble materials:silk blouse, blouse with lace details, satin top... To keep your look chic, avoid to wear sneakers with jeans, prefer boots with heels (even small ones) or pumps.

Ideas for looks to be trendy and casual for back to school

Lack of inspiration? Pick what you like from our ideas for chic and casual looks for back to school !

Preppy style

The Preppy style, sometimes shortened to "prep" is more or less equivalent to the BCBG style. It is inspired by the outfits worn by American students from well-to-do classes attending preparatory schools.

To create a Preppy look, bet on black jeans, a nice blouse in a neutral color (mainly white or pastel) and a beige or khaki trench coat. Do not hesitate to add a cardigan on your blouse or on your shoulders!

For accessories, choose unadorned shoes (boots, ballet flats, loafers or even sneakers) and discreet and delicate jewelry such as stud earrings and thin necklaces.

Androgynous looks

Adopting an androgynous look is a good way to mix chic and casual . Create your look by choosing pieces that can be found in both a feminine and a masculine wardrobe.

Take, for example, straight jeans as a base, which you can twist by making cuffs, add a fluid shirt, to wear with the sleeves rolled up and the collar unbuttoned, and finish your look by a nice pair of moccasins. You can complete the ensemble with some fine jewelry and a satchel-inspired bag.

We also recommend the blazer, an essential ally for androgynous looks.

Bohemian chic rock

To create a bohemian chic rock look, take the essentials of each style and simply mix them.

To adopt this style without making any mistakes, bet on a long dress and a perfecto, matched with big jewels and wooden heels, a must for bohemian chic style.

More broadly, match clothes with fluid cuts and materials with more rock pieces such as the perfecto, biker boots, studded belts...

The British trend

Our English neighbors often inspire our outfits. Last year, for example, the Prince of Wales motif was everywhere! For this new school year, add tartan and derbies to your outfits for a trendy and British look.

Other pieces will allow you to create casual-chic British-inspired looks:sneakers (preferably white), pleated midi or mini skirt, details in lace… Be careful when choosing lace for a British look, it must be beautifully crafted and preferably in a natural material, such as cotton or linen.

If you want an elegant and casual British outfit, mix a pleated mini skirt with a chunky knit sweater, a tartan coat and white sneakers . Wear with opaque tights!

The neo-bourgeois style

Designer clothes at the last Fashion Week clearly showed a return to silhouettes structured by fairly fitted vintage pieces:trouser suits, XXL blazers, pencil skirts and dad-shoes are the essentials of this trend.

Choose, for example, a pencil skirt, to mix with a slightly loose sweater in fine knit, a silk scarf (colored or more sober, according to your desires) and varnished sleepers or moccasins.

We recommend using more modern accessories to avoid an overly classic look, such as big resin jewelry and a trendy handbag.