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Ballerinas:so chic for back to school!

Loved it or hated it, that is the question! Since the 1950s, the debate over the ballerina continues to animate the fashion world. If since the 2000s, she has been shunned by fashionistas, this return to school, you will find her on all feet. After a long absence, this iconic shoe is ready to return to its heyday.

And if you have planned a "so chic" outfit for back to school, ballerinas are a must-have .

Which ballerina model for which style of woman?

As practical day and night, ballet flats are recommended on all your favorite outfits. But if they are easy to wear, these shoes should not be chosen at random. Depending on the style you want to adopt and the outfit you want to wear, there are some guidelines to follow.

Here's how to choose the right ballerina shoes .

The black ballerina with a round toe:for classic-chic

In the family of classic ballerinas , black round-toed models are at the top of the list. And if women like them so much, it's no coincidence. Beyond the chic effect they offer, these ballet flats are also a guarantee of increased comfort. It's the classic choice par excellence.

With a slight small heel, and often a leather bow, their shape is directly inspired by the chic and classic ballerina shoes so loved by our beautiful Brigitte Bardot.

Brigitte Bardot

The soft ballerina, dancer style:for romantics

If ballet flats are, very often, compared to ballet slippers, it is because these shoes are "cousins". The ideal choice for outfits where romance and softness are highlighted, the flexible ballerina is a great success . Light, refined and comfortable, this model is perfect for all situations:going out with friends, going to work or dining out... Whether you're looking chic or casual, say yes to women's ballerina shoes in ballerina style leather !

Studded ballet flats:for rock 'n roll

Who said that the ballerina was only intended for the looks of good little girls? hey, that's wrong! The proof:the studded ballet flats. Bringing a rock 'n roll effect to your outfit, studded accessories are also a trend of the moment. For an even more "in" result, you can match your pair of studded ballet flats with a leather jacket.


Ballerinas with open or openwork toes:retro chic

Borrowed from the shoesing of somewhat retro fashionistas, ballerinas with open toes are making a comeback . And if the choice of this model is the guarantee of a chic style, we must not forget that they are also very comfortable shoes. And for good reason, your feet are not enclosed and you will therefore feel much less fatigue at the end of the day. These shoes are perfect for active women and ideal in the middle of summer!

Patent leather and flashy color:the original ballerina of the moment!

The favorite ballerina flats of fashionistas from the 20s are also a trendy choice for this fall 2019-2020. If leather is highlighted on the major fashion catwalks, patent leather has managed to rise to the top of the trend. Ultra feminine, patent leather shoes are the models of the moment. So don't hesitate to match it with your favorite outfits for the autumn-winter season.

@Getty Images

Pointed ballet flats with laces:the back-to-school must-have

If you want to be completely up-to-date at the start of the school year, opt for ballerinas with pointed toes with straps or laces. These are the most trendy ballerinas of the moment, but also the most elegant. Pair it with a little black dress or even a maxi dress.

What outfit to wear with ballet flats to be trendy?

Dress, skirt, pants, playsuit… ballet flats go perfectly with any outfit. Or almost. If these essential shoes are chameleons of your shoesing, the choice of look must be well thought out for a trendy result, without fault of taste. If you're out of ideas, here are some ideas for ballerina looks.

Jeans + white top + leather biker jacket:casual chic

Jeans, a classic in every wardrobe! To go to the office, to go out with friends or for a dinner alone, this garment will always have an effect. Provided you find the perfect shoes. Good news:the ballerina will be a great ally if you like denim looks. The result will be better with a white top and a leather perfecto.

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Trench coat + skater skirt:Parisian style

Stroll the streets of Paris (or even elsewhere) in style thanks to the beautiful combination:Trench Coat, skater skirt and ballerina. And for a romantic look, think of floral patterns or outfits with lace.

Printed 7/8 pants + embroidered denim jacket:so trendy

Prints are on the rise! The centerpiece of an ultra fashionable look, the printed 7/8 trousers and the embroidered denim jacket are ideal combinations with ballerina shoes.

You will understand, ballerinas are an essential part of your wardrobe provided you choose it well and associate it. We hope this article will help you make the right choice of models and looks!