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6 tips for getting back into sport

To find or keep the line , to get healthy or get in better shape , sport is the solution to many of our ills. In addition to detoxify us , physical exercise is our greatest ally for a better lifestyle . However, between wanting it and doing it, adopting good habits to stay in shape is easier said than done. Getting into sport is a real challenge , persevering on this path is even more so. The lack of time, energy, availability... all the excuses parade to justify our procrastination. For all those who can't get into the sport or continue, here are some tips for succeeding in keeping your good resolutions !

#1 Schedule

Before dusting off our sneakers, it is essential to set up “a schedule” . Reorganize, establish a whole action plan on how to sustainably adopt this new habit of life. Thinking about it too much could delay the execution, however going headlong will cause you to lose all motivation in the long run. Studying the issue is a good way to start things. Schedule the activities of the week , adjust and free up the time needed for a few sports sessions. As soon as our schedule is well established, it will be easier toset goals and stick to it. This step may seem negligible, however, it makes it much easier for us toregain motivation . Meditate is also a good method to prepare to optimize your daily life.

#2 Getting to know each other

The best way to get back into sport for a long time is to practice an activity that we enjoy . Indeed, the efforts to be provided are already trying for the body. If in addition to that, the practiced sport does not please us, the motivation will be quickly lost. It is therefore essential to know yourself and find the activity that enchants you the most. Exercises that we would do for pleasure and not simply for sport in itself. Horse riding, swimming, gymnastics, jogging, fitness, yoga, zumba or maybe even dancing,the important thing is to move more and eventually surpass themselves. We can try and test different types of sport to determine which would be the most motivating.

#3 Eating

Going back to sport in a sustainable way means a big change in the rhythm of life and everyday life in general. Food must be adapted to the new needs of the body . This does not require you to drastically change your entire diet. However, we can try to change our eating habits little by little . The interest is to eat in a healthier way . To this end, we can start by respecting the rule of 5 fruits and vegetables per day , if possible organic . Establish a whole healthy and balanced diet for the coming days is also recommended. The main thing is to adapt our diet to our new rhythm of life . And this, in order to have the necessary resources to face the daily life .

#4 Fit

Integrating a new lifestyle habit requires a great ability to adapt. The efforts required are numerous and add to the sport-related load himself. All of this can be exhausting and demotivating in the long run. In order to avoid such a situation, it is essential to adapt your pace to your abilities . You don't have to be fast-paced or hyper-productive.Start slow is preferable in order to accustom the body to its new obligations . Especially since this will allow us to hold on in the long term and to be much more efficient. Above all, he does not put pressure on himself. Asking more than it can from our body is never beneficial. We can surpass ourselves, however it will take time and patience. Therefore, it is necessary to listen to our body and evolve accordingly . Gradually, we can increase the pace. This will depend on our capacities and availability.

#5 Have fun

Even if it means exercising, at leastdo it while having fun! Know how to take advantage of it and make it a real entertainment greatly increases our motivation. Combining sport and pleasure facilitates the integration of these practices into our habits. It takes a certain period of time for the body and the mind to assimilate these new uses . To facilitate the process, we can associate our exercises with distracting elements. For example, by listening to motivating music, or by putting on pretty sportswear… This little trick allows the mind to more easily appreciate the efforts expended.

#6 Share

Getting back to sport is good, having company is better! It is always nice to share with other people our new hobbies and passions . It can even serve as additional motivation . Those with whom we share our new way of life can be sources of encouragement in times of weakness. In the case of team sports (lessons, team…), they are an excellent way to meet new people or make great discoveries;)