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Wearing the denim skirt well:Look ideas and tips

You don't have a denim skirt yet in your closet? It is high time to fix this blunder and equip yourself with this must-have fashion that is the denim skirt. Find all our advice for choosing the right model, and look ideas for being stylish with a denim skirt !

Choosing your denim skirt:what you need to know

The denim skirt is one of the fashion basics that any dressing room worth its salt should contain, and, like all must-haves, comes in a multitude of cuts, colors and styles. Faced with this plethora of options, it is sometimes difficult to decide:rather mini skirt, rather A-line, rather mid-length, buttoned, raw canvas... We give you some basic advice for choosing the right skirt in jeans .

A length adapted to your morphology you will choose

We often tell you, we are not all equal when it comes to fashion. Some have long enough legs to wear long without looking shrunken, while others can afford the mini-skirt while remaining ultra-chic. The denim skirt is no exception to this rule, and you will have to choose the length of yours according to your height. At the moment, we find short denim skirts (roughly a mid-thigh to above-knee length), midi lengths (mid-calf or so), and long versions of the denim skirt . What to remember:the short goes to all sizes, provided, all the same, to adapt it to its morphology; the long is best for tall people but can work on a small size if you're perching on really high heels, and the mid-length, finally, is the most difficult to master. The midi length goes well with taller women, but especially with slim calves. If you have cycling legs, go your way!

A cut that will show you off you will be looking for

As with the length, the question of the cut of your denim skirt will be resolved according to your morphology. Straight and A-line cuts generally suit everyone, and work very well on a denim skirt. Figure 8 body types will be beautifully enhanced with a pencil denim skirt , an otherwise always chic shape. The best is still to try several models and choose the one in which you find yourself the most beautiful!

You will find a style of denim skirt that suits you

The denim skirt has as many style options as its close cousin jeans, if not more, so pick yours to suit your wardrobe! A black, gray or blue model will be perfect for all fans of casual-chic, a white denim skirt will go very well with a comfy or preppy dressing room, rips and other washed-out fabrics will easily adapt to sporty or streetwear looks, etc The idea is to choose a denim skirt that you can easily match to the tops and shoes you already own, whatever the season, the denim skirt can even be worn in winter!

How to wear a denim miniskirt:our 5 look ideas

While there are tons of denim skirts out there, the mini version is still the most essential of them all. Our look ideas for being stylish with a denim miniskirt .

  • Raw blue miniskirt + white t-shirt + flat sandals + hat:the easiest casual-chic summer look
  • Black mini-skirt + XXL jumper + leather ankle boots + fanny pack:comfy and feminine despite the cold
  • Washed out miniskirt + rock tank top + low cowboy boots:a western look directly inspired by Coachella
  • White mini-skirt + lingerie-inspired tank top + silver sandals:bohemian and feminine
  • Raw blue miniskirt + white boyfriend shirt + fancy tights + patent leather derbies:a chic outfit for fall

How to wear the midi denim skirt:outfit ideas

If not for everyone, the mid-length denim skirt is no less trendy, quite the contrary. If you have the legs for it, here are some ideas for outfits to look stylish in a mid-length denim skirt .

  • Mid-length buttoned denim skirt + crop top + sneakers:a nice casual look for the weekend
  • Flowy midi denim skirt + voluminous sleeve top + heeled sandals:a chic and stylish office outfit
  • Straight mid-length denim skirt + cable sweater + leather boots:a comfy and feminine look

How to wear the denim pencil skirt:2 ultra-trendy looks

The denim pencil skirt is perfect for giving yourself a retro look, always very chic. Two ideas fortrendy looks with a denim pencil skirt .

  • Denim pencil skirt + white blouse with red polka dots + pumps:the perfect outfit for a dance hall party
  • Buttoned denim pencil skirt + turtleneck + stilettos:for a femme fatale look calmed down by jeans