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How to wear the Irish sweater this winter?

Comfortable, warm and trendy, the Irish sweater cable knit is a winter wardrobe staple. With its chunky knits and creamy color, the Irish sweater inspires us with rather basic outfits. Yet it is a perfect fashion piece to create a trendy look.

How to wear the Irish sweater without looking like a granny? What to wear with an Irish sweater ? Mes Habits Chéris gives you fashion advice for adopting the Aran sweater this winter .

What is an Irish sweater?

TheIrish Sweater it's the very warm, cocooning sweater that we wear in winter. Also known as the Aran sweater , it has its origins in Ireland.

This wool sweater was previously known to be the traditional clothing of fishermen. Renowned for keeping warm at sea, each family on the Irish coast had its own geometric print on its sweater (cable, zig-zag, moss stitch etc).

It is very easy to distinguish thanks to its recognizable mesh and its initially ecru color.

Widely democratized since the beginning of the 20th century, the Irish sweater has now becomea basic for winter in both men and women.

A timeless, chic and comfortable fashion piece that we regularly see on the catwalks of Fashion Week.

How to wear the Irish sweater without looking old?

Do you like this style of hand-knit wool sweater but you don't know how to give it a facelift? Do not panic, the Irish wool sweater can be worn with many basics and goes very well with some trendy accessories.

Which pants to wear an Irish sweater with?

  • For a basic and casual style, the simplest is jeans or black pants. Jeans and unbleached wool go particularly well together. With this style of association, you can't make a style mistake.
  • If you want to give it a more trendy or workwear style, just juxtapose your wool sweater with a shirt blue or white that will stick out (sleeves and collar visible) and wear it with jeans or black tuxedo pants.
  • For an elegant outfit, mix and match your ecru wool sweater in white pants. Even in winter, you will see that the combo matches perfectly. Do not hesitate to add a camel suede bag to give a touch of warm color.
  • For a chic urban style, dare to wear khaki pants and rock boots!!
  • For a retro chic style, opt for high-waisted trousers, preferably colored, with a flare cut (ultra trendy this year).


Can an Irish sweater be worn with a skirt or a dress?

Yes, it is absolutely possible to wear this cocooning sweater with a skirt or a dress. This will immediately feminize your outfit and give a soft mixture of sexy and refined.

Choose a loose-cut Irish sweater that you tuck into a high-waisted skirt. For a modern touch, belt your skirt!

It also works with a flowing floral dress, whether long or short. A pretty XXL twisted wool sweater will instantly bring a touch of style. Once again, opt for autumnal tones, floral prints, camel, orange etc.

For a preppy chic style , the ideal is to choose a short straight skirt in tartan or Scottish style. The houndstooth print also works very well with the white wool sweater.

Which Irish sweater to choose?

The real Irish sweater is ecru in color and is recognizable among a thousand. However, you will find them in all colors and cuts. Have fun creating colorful looks with a pretty Irish sweater in pastel colors . They are fashion pieces that are very easy to combine and accessorize.

With their romantic style, twisted wool sweaters can be worn with leather, jeans, lace, scarves in the hair, floral headbands.

It's very simple, they go with everything. So dare to mix them with pieces that are off the beaten track!


In summary:

  • The Irish sweater is a basic for winter, it is very warm and comfortable.
  • You can create all kinds of looks with an Irish sweater (preppy, casual, casual chic, rock etc).
  • Dare to wear your Irish sweater with a skirt or a dress.
  • For a chic look, adopt the total white/cream look.