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Why are you going to love the seventies trend this winter?

Haute couture has surprises in store for us every season. Indeed, each year brings its share of vintage trends in the front of the scene. This season, it's the 70s comeback. The flared trousers icons of the time that we thought had been forgotten forever are making a comeback.

Fringe, long flowing dress, bohemian attitude and tye and dye will be everywhere this winter.

How to adopt the seventies trend without being mistaken? What is the seventies style ?

What's the seventies trend?

To really tame the throwback to the 70s, nothing like a little flashback .

At the time, men sported long hair and still wore bell bottoms, while women cut their hair shorter and shorter and wore blazers masculine.

It's also the hippie trend with floral prints galore, oversized blouses, lace, embroidery and a good dose of romanticism and a peace and love attitude.

The musical currents of the time had a strong influence on clothing styles. Famous bands and stars like ABBA or Janis Joplin are launching new trends like glitter fashion and sequins, scarves in the hair or acid colors like apple green or orange.

Rock stars also influence looks with ripped jeans and studded shoes. Jeans take on a whole new dimension and become a must-have in women's wardrobes.

Basically, two strong trends clash and mingle during the 70s:the hippie style and the punk style. Hence the birth of the bohemian rock style classy.

Materials, colors and cuts of the seventies look

The seventies is a mix of very specific materials and colors. A unique style that encompasses key cuts that cannot be ignored. A brief overview to understand the codes of seventies dress style .

Materials for the seventies look

  • Suede
  • The hook
  • Jeans
  • Cork
  • Lace
  • Natural materials
  • Wool
  • Leather

The colors of the seventies

  • Pastels
  • Nude, cream, white, ivory
  • Orange, copper, apple green, ocher yellow
  • Camel

70s prints

  • Psychedelic prints
  • Oriental prints
  • Flowers
  • Tie &dye

The flagship haircuts

  • The flare cut
  • High-waisted pants
  • Flowing tops
  • Long trapeze skirt
  • The midi skirt
  • Maxi skirt

What fashion pieces to wear for a seventies look?

To perfect a 2020 version of the seventies look, here are the pieces to shop this year:

  • The flared jeans :the new version of the bell-bottom jeans is back. Slightly wiser, it is less flared than its ancestor. We are talking about a flare cut. High-waisted pants that lengthen the silhouette with elegance.
  • Thigh high boots.
  • The denim shirt :jeans were one of the key materials of the 70s. Thus, for a perfect seventies style, you absolutely must have a denim shirt in your wardrobe.
  • Boots in suede and leather.
  • The long skirt:romantic and fluid, we will still wear long floral skirts with retro prints. The long denim skirt is one of the key pieces of the seventies style.
  • The glitter dress:for evening wear, glitter will always be present. Opt for the glitter dress with heeled ankle boots in suede or suede.
  • The hippie chic floral dress:impossible to miss, the long hippie-style dress chic will be everywhere. Summer is over but the dress will still be present this winter. For a chic look, we belt it with a big wide belt in camel suede.
  • Wedge sandals:the perfect shoes to accompany the laid-back trend that goes with the 70s. A dress, a skirt, flowing shorts, everything goes with wedge sandals. The woman is feminine but comfortable walking.
  • Seashell bracelets.
  • Felt hats.
  • Customized pieces (trousers, jackets, perfecto, all fashion pieces seem to be patched up or customized with trendy prints such as bandana print, flowers, multicolored patches).
  • Denim jackets.
  • Suede biker jackets.
  • High boots.
  • Fluid yellow golden pants.