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Love for the oversized winter fashion

Even though I eagerly look forward to the first warmer day of spring, there is one thing about the winter period that always makes me really happy. The oversized winter fashion! Isn't it wonderful to cocoon a bit in your clothes on colder days?! I prefer to wear jeans with a nice oversized sweater. Anything better than a blouse with a tailored jacket over it, for example. I think that's fine in the summer, but I'd rather not in the winter.

Oversized winter-fashion to cocoon, relax and move freely

This winter I'm totally fine with the teddy trends when we talk about cocooning and relaxing. What lovely clothes that teddy fabric is. I can actually say that my cream-colored oversized sweater is not only very trendy in fashion, but also in my wardrobe. It is my favorite piece of clothing at the moment 😉 .

The biggest advantage of this teddy sweater is that I can also put on a body warmer or a cardigan over it if I get cold. Even though the sweater is oversized, teddy fabric is so flexible that I can easily wear something else over it, fashion or not. By the way, today I'm wearing a double teddy, my oversized teddy sweater and a body warmer that is lined with teddy fabric.

Advantage of being oversized in winter

Another advantage of the oversized fashion in the winter is that my love handles are not that noticeable. Even though I've lost 9 kilos in the past few months, I'm not completely tight in my skin yet. I'm comfortable in my own skin, but with a slightly lower jeans I find such a nice spacious sweater over it still comfortable.

Fortunately, oversized is all the rage. Not only in the field of sweaters, but actually in many types of clothing. For example, jackets are also available in oversized models this winter. Very nice! It looks a bit casual and I like that. I found a number of cool jackets at Ulla Popken, for example, and lucky me… also in teddy version, the OOTD winter trend.

For example, combine the above jackets with nice Dad sneakers or Dr. Martens and you are totally the bomb.

More fashion trends in oversized styles for everyone!

Not only the oversized sweaters and jackets are nice by the way. The above oversized wool pants with a sweater on top are also a joy to wear in the winter, of course. Unless it's itchy wool, then I personally prefer not to wear this oversized fashion. But it is beautiful and that color? Totally in love!

Oversized dresses are also great. Although I have to admit that I haven't worn them much this winter (yet). I have a few in my closet that are comfortable to wear and look nice. Especially with my cowboy boots underneath. The only reason I don't wear them much right now has to do with our animals. In the morning, after the walk with the dog, I also have to feed the pigs and goats. And somehow I always wear something that can get dirty. A dress with tights is not a smart combination with pig snouts. Too bad now that I think about it.

Are you the oversized type when it comes to fashion or not at all?