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Fashion:pink, the color to favor for a bright winter

If the beginning of winter is rather cheerful, with the end-of-year celebrations that warm hearts, the weeks of January, then February and March, seem endless. The cold and the lack of light weigh on morale, and many are already dreaming of the arrival of spring. Rather than just taking it patiently, we ourselves bring a touch of cheerfulness to a somewhat gloomy daily life by integrating color into our wardrobe. And the main color of this season is none other than… pink! It comes in several shades – old pink, pale pink, pinkish beige, magenta, raspberry, etc. – according to the desires of “flashy” or more discreet. Infinitely elegant and feminine, it embodies the striking detail of predominantly dark outfits, which are thus composed of black, gray or brown.

Worn in a single tone or in monochrome

The most daring will dare to accumulate items, with, for example, a scarf, a bag and a pair of shoes in the same tone, or in a shades of pink that soften the complexion and the general look. The shade can also be worn through a strong piece, such as a long coat, a sheath dress, chic pants or even a pair of boots (metallic Doc Martens, for example?). Those who prefer not to overdo it can, for their part, bet on powder pink makeup or rose gold jewellery, which enhance just the right amount of tired looks. Last suggestion and not least:the millennial pink hair color was particularly in vogue in 2017, nothing indicates that it is outdated in 2019… Ok, it is REALLY worth wanting to change your look, but if it is your case, why not? Of course, these gentlemen can also enjoy the softness of pink. If you doubt it, wait until you see the pretty looks we found for you on Instagram (below, with a perfect ensemble worn by actor Rami Malek)… There's no reason Jules can't be , he too, dressed for the winter! So, ready to see life in pink?