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The wooden watch, why do we love it?

The wooden watch is making a lot of noise! These watches made entirely or partly with wood are relatively new in the market for men's and women's watches and are proving to be very original and creative. New models bloom every year and are always more attractive! This trend combines aesthetics, comfort and nature, what more could you ask for? We explain in detail why we love the wooden watch trend!

A super trendy asset

A contemporary and refined design

The wooden watch offers a very contemporary and refined style. More or less minimalist, it is made in trendy colors, from light to dark wood , through black and beige and sometimes even color. Today, we have a wide assortment of Wooden Watches. Whether entirely in wood, or only partly, this model of watch is more and more trendy on the men's accessories market. Women, too, are entitled to models of wooden watches, although for the moment fashion is less strong on this side.

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Originality above all!

The first reason that pushes men to opt for a wooden watch is the desire to be original . With a wooden watch on your wrist, you are sure to have a unique model and to thwart classic habits and codes, while remaining elegant and stylish. Steel watches are hardly original today. While these models, made in different, original or precious woods , ensure a unique, inimitable and fashionable style! Impossible to go unnoticed!

Which styles does the wooden watch go with?

Wooden watches can match different styles of clothing. Whether you have a more casual, elegant, urban or bohemian style , there is no problem to marry a wooden watch to your dress habit. If you like to break the codes, you can try to wear your wooden watch with a suit or a chic blazer. Originality guaranteed!

The ability to personalize your wooden watch

Create a unique watch

The second reason, after originality, which pushes men to choose a wooden watch, is the possibility of personalizing its model. But, how to create your own wooden watch so that it is unique ? All you have to do is choose the model and its variants, opt for certain woods, change the strap, etc. Some brands play the card customizable watches (or almost every detail can be chosen by the customer), while others produce very precise and original models, but which are not customizable. The brand Nordic Wood , for example, offers unique models:each wood has unique characteristics not found on any other watch.

How to choose your customizable wooden watch?

If you choose to create your own watch, opting for a customizable watch, you will have to choose from the materials, colors and details of your future watch . First, choose the face of your watch :it is the most visible and characteristic element of a watch. Several “species” are generally available, for example:maple, walnut, sandalwood, olive, teak, bamboo, etc. In the same way, it is necessary to choose the wood used for the case of the watch . From one watch brand to another, the essences vary and are not the same. Finally, you must choose the bracelet . This can be wood or leather, depending on your desires. It's up to you:are you more of a total wood look or a mix of materials?

Obvious advantages

Lightweight and durable

In addition to being original and being able to be personalized, wooden watches offer many advantages. They are very light , which always impresses when you are used to wearing steel watches. And yet, they remain very strong and are durable! The idea of ​​fragile wooden watches is misguided. Wooden watches are very durable (think of the trees that resist terrible weather and many degradations) and they offer great mobility. The movements are not bothersome, the flexibility is the same as for a metal watch. Wooden watches age very little and last a long time:they are treated to avoid tarnishing, favoring the development of a beautiful patina , slightly shiny.

Natural and allergen-free

Another advantage, these wooden watches are natural and eco-responsible. The natural character of these watches implies that they are non-allergenic:you cannot have allergies while wearing them. If you have allergic reactions to metal watches, the wooden watch can be an excellent alternative! In addition to avoiding any allergies , you have a stylish and unique watch on your wrist, a good compromise, right?

The wooden watch is the new trend of the moment in the men's accessories department. Impossible to miss ! The high-end design of these watches and their unique appearance makes us totally crack! We love these wooden watches for their neo-vintage look and for their uniqueness. In addition, they match many outfits and play with fashion codes and clothing habits. We want more!