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Curling iron:3 tips for curling long hair

Tip 1 for curling your long hair:preparation

You can't expect to curl your hair and get a result that lasts all day without prepping your hair first. To have beautiful curls, it is strongly recommended to curl them one to two days after shampooing. The curls will last longer because your hair will be less straight. The heat will also attack them less, because they will not be stripped by the soap. Then, to ensure a long-lasting hairstyle, apply a styling mousse or a curl definer; if not, you can also use a protective treatment against heat for your lengths. If you have to wash your hair before curling your long hair with a curling iron, be sure to dry it. Indeed, for the health of your hair fiber, it is strongly advised not to curl your hair while it is still wet or damp. You'll ruin them and the waves won't last.

Tip 2 for perfect curls with a curling iron:the technique

Long hair takes a long time to curl with a curling iron. In fact, to avoid attacking your hair with the heat of the curling iron, it is wise to proceed twice to curl your hair. Thus, you have to divide your mane into several locks. Using a curling iron heated to a high temperature, start curling your locks. Do not stay too long on the same strand. Once all your locks have been curled for the first time, lower the temperature of the iron and then re-curl them. This technique is much less aggressive for your hair. Otherwise, you can simply curl a few locks entirely with a hot iron and then polish the hairstyle by curling small locks with a less heated iron. This technique will save you time.

Tip 3 to keep beautiful curls made with a curling iron

Once your hair is completely curled, it will be necessary to maintain your curls. Indeed, curls and waves on long hair hold much less well than on short or mid-length hair. Spray hairspray on your hair to hold the curls in place. Do not hesitate, during the day, to take your curly locks of hair in your fist, to close it and then to reopen your fist several times in order to redefine the curls.