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3 tips for drying long hair with a hair dryer

1st tip for drying long hair with a hair dryer:pre-dry

To dry your hair properly and to damage it as little as possible, the essential step is pre-drying. Indeed, even if you have the best hair dryer in the world, it is essential to wring out your lengths after shampooing. To maintain your cut and your long hair, you should never use your electrical device on a mop of water! It is imperative to wring well with a clean towel while pressing. However, avoid excessive creasing of the lengths. You have to be delicate to respect the hair fiber! If you have thick hair, twist it, then put a towel around it for a few minutes. In this pre-drying phase, start by choosing the high speed of your hair dryer. You can then lower when your lengths are partly dry. Always keep your device at a safe distance, i.e. about 20 centimeters.

2nd tip for drying long hair with a hair dryer:use a protective treatment

Even if you have the best hair dryer, you can apply a protective treatment to ensure shine and luster to your long haircut. Indeed, electrical appliances, such as blower brushes or straightening irons, can weaken the fiber over time. Today, there are new products on the cosmetics market that are suitable for all types of hair. If you have wavy lengths, you can apply a heat protectant spray that will protect the scales from the heat. For hair that lacks volume, certain treatments provide a texture that is easier to style. If you want to achieve an impeccable brushing, opt for a treatment that will make your lengths shine.

3rd tip for drying long hair with a hair dryer:dry in the direction of the fiber

To properly dry your long hair, it is important to have the right gestures. If you want to achieve a blow-dry with your long haircut, start by working the material with your hands. With the power of the hair dryer, you can easily set the lengths and create movement. Do not hesitate to put the head down at the beginning of the drying to take off the roots, and bring a natural volume. Also choose a tip adapted to the nature of your hair:a diffuser is ideal for wavy and curly hair. And even if you have straight hair, the nozzle is essential to properly direct the air. Know that it is recommended to dry your hair in the direction of the hair fiber:always start with the roots and finish with the tips!