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7 engagement ring trends for 2022 that leave us dreaming

In the middle of the wedding season, we are dreaming again while looking at the beautiful engagement rings. Each as beautiful as the other, they are set with diamonds, rubies or precious stones. They embody romance, love but also style. Some are minimalist, others are much more showy creative engagement rings, what matters is to choose one that suits you or your better half!

And since we like to keep up to date with the latest trends and catch a little magic in the eyes, we've prepared a little tour of engagement ring trends for you. the year 2022 .

Retro engagement rings, ruby, diamond, sapphire, what style of rings will future brides wear this year ?

The minimalist and elegant ring:the solitaire

While some like that you can't take your eyes off the big diamond on their finger, others prefer the discretion of a solitaire. This is the first choice for brides and grooms looking for finesse and delicacy, the solitaire adorned with a beautiful precious stone.

This year, the trends are more towards paved solitaires or the solitaires surrounded . They are available in white gold, pink gold or yellow gold, depending on the desires of each. If your fiancée likes discreet jewellery, it's a safe bet that she will be conquered by the beauty of this refined ring.

Oval aquamarine or topaz ring

Are you looking for a romantic and discreet engagement ring for your engagement? Have you thought about the transparent blue of aquamarine or topaz rings. Aquamarine is renowned for its clarity and bluishness similar to sea water. Blue topaz, on the other hand, has a rather similar and imperial look. Both are excellent choices for a light gemstone color.

Vintage-style engagement ring

With a delicate and sophisticated old-world charm, the retro engagement ring is very popular this year. It is making a comeback to stick to vintage fashion trends. Its elegant and refined look gives an additional touch of authenticity. But what do we mean by a vintage ring? It is usually rectangular or oval with an eye-catching blue sapphire or colored diamond. Its stately cut is typical of period rings and even gives a very sought-after royal style. If you like atypical engagement rings, there is no doubt that its unique shape will seduce you. Personally, we can already imagine it on our finger with our most beautiful fashion outfits of the moment!

Blue Sapphire

It is a sparkling royal blue, it is the sapphire that adorns most engagement rings this year. For those who don't know, the sapphire represents fidelity, wisdom and peace. It really is unstoppably elegant .

The rose gold ring

Usually, it is more traditional to see bridal rings in gold or silver, but this year a new trend is essential, pink! Both modern and very feminine , there is something poetic about rose gold.

The Diamond Flower

Adorned with a stone in its center and surrounded by pear-shaped diamonds that form sorts of petals , this style of rings is quite majestic. Everyone personalizes it according to their desires and in the image of their couple and the representation they wish to give. Major jewelers and designers offer it to us in different forms (green emerald set in white gold or with a platinum setting, raspberry red ruby ​​on a pink gold ring, we even find it in amber yellow with citrine for a radiant touch that does not look like the others).

The ethical engagement ring

We talk about it quite often around here, the consumption patterns of fashion and beauty are gradually evolving to move closer to a more responsible and ethical consumption . In the world of luxury jewelry, there are also brands of ethical jewelry . In these committed shops, it is possible to unearth a responsible diamond whose origin is known! These responsible jewelers have a manufacturing process that reduces the carbon footprint and limits the impact on the environment. And the models are all as attractive as others. Moreover, choosing an ethical ring can also go through the choice of a second-hand engagement ring.

And you, what is your favorite style of ring? Have you ever thought about your engagement ring or that of your significant other?