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Bohemian-Chic dress:how to wear it well?

A clever mix of gipsy, vintage, hippie and elegance, the bohemian-chic look offers an effortless but sophisticated silhouette, elegant but relaxed, and above all very feminine. The style must-have is undoubtedly the bohemian-chic dress, which we are talking about today. Our advice for recognizing a bohemian-chic dress at first glance, to choose it well, and above all to wear it well !

Bohemian-Chic style:codes, inspirations

The bohemian-chic silhouette retains the codes of the classic bohemian style (70s inspiration, fluid materials and cuts, natural fabrics, neutral hues, etc.) by adding, you guessed it, a touch of chic with finesse and subtlety.

In terms of inspiration, we turn to style icons, such as Jane Birkin, a true allegory of bohemian-chic .


If you are looking for more contemporary inspiration, we recommend the Instagram of Julia Chaplin, travel journalist for the Times and Vogue. We owe him the invention of the "gypset" (contraction of "gipsy" and "jet-set") , a less literal reinterpretation of the bohemian style, more modern.

The essential parts

As with all clothing styles, there are a few essential pieces to adopt the bohemian-chic look. We can cite flowing pants, possibly printed, lace or crochet tops, long skirts, suedette minis... But the absolute essential is obviously the bohemian-chic dress, which is why we devote this item.

Bohemian-Chic dress:rather long or short?

There is no rule. The length of your bohemian chic dress will mostly depend on the occasion and the season! For a walk on the beach, we recommend the short version, just to be able to soak your feet quietly in the water. For an afternoon in town, opt for the maxi-dress, both chic and comfortable (the essence of bohemian-chic, we remind you). For a dressy occasion, prefer a long version. Finally, note that the midi length can also be suitable for a bohemian-chic dress!

Long or short sleeves?

Again, no official rule. In summer, we prefer thin straps, which reveal the shoulders and add a "sexy touch without doing it on purpose". For mid-season or winter, ¾ or long sleeves are perfect.


Which fabric and print to choose?

What material for a Bohemian-Chic dress?

On the fabric side, we prefer fluid and loose:a material that will hug your curves without molding them, and which will float nicely in your wake. During the fittings, turn on yourself, it's fun and it will allow you to see the movements of your dress. Always prefer natural materials:cotton, linen, silk … or good quality synthetics.

Which prints?

As far as prints are concerned, there are floral patterns (liberty or XXL flowers), but not only! We don't hesitate to adorn ourselves with the most beautiful 70's patterns:cashmere, geometric... Wax or ethnic prints can work, as well as tie-and-dye , very trendy at the moment. We also like lace and crochet, which add sophistication.

What color?

All colors can work, provided they exist in nature .

What to wear with a Bohemian-Chic dress?

The office-style bohemian-chic dress

To go to the office in a bohemian-chic dress, we favor a straight or slightly trapeze cut and a length above the knees. You can opt for white or ecru, with pretty lace overlay effects for example. Add a pair of low-heeled mules and a round wicker bag.

The bohemian-chic dress for the weekend

At the weekend, we like the bohemian-chic dress in a maxi version, with pretty gladiator sandals. Don't hesitate to fall for prints and a pretty V neckline. Add a wicker basket for shopping and XXL sunglasses.

The bohemian-chic dress for a romantic date

There's nothing like a pretty, flowing and elegant dress to make an impression on a date.Choose a bohemian-chic dress that reveals a little skin :long with thin straps or short with sleeves, both options will be perfect.

And for a wedding?

The bohemian-chic dress is perfect if you are invited to a wedding . We recommend a fluid model, long or short depending on your preferences, with a little lace and/or a print. To perfect your look, put on beautiful wedge sandals, bring a small ethnic clutch, and don't forget to accumulate jewelry. The floral dress is also perfectly suited for a boho wedding.

Mistakes to avoid

  • The bohemian look "to the letter", with an accumulation of bohemian pieces.
  • Synthetic and cheap materials, which are neither chic nor comfortable.
  • Too strong colors such as fluorescent or neon, which have nothing natural about them.
  • Tight cuts that do not correspond to the bohemian-chic spirit.