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The pajama jumpsuit:essential to attack the fall

It's raining outside. The thermometer struggles to display 10 degrees. And we've already put the fine silk summer nightgowns away in the back of the closet for several days already. But to attack fall (and then winter) in style, we have the solution:the pajama jumpsuit. Imagine a hot chocolate in your hand, in a unicorn jumpsuit in front of Love Actually. Are you getting there? Because we do.

A little story about the onesie

If the pajama jumpsuit is the big trend of the 21 th century, it is not new to the world of fashion. The onesie for children was imported from the United States in the 1960s. But it was in Japan that the onesie for adults was born for the first time. Over there, they call it Kigurumi , and to tell the truth, it serves more as a disguise than anything else. When imported to the West, the onesie in the shape of animals or characters is, on the other hand, used as pajamas.

The pajama jumpsuit, style above all

Even if it means bringing out our old pilou pilou pajamas in front of a somewhat annoyed darling, you might as well do it in style. And for this, the jumpsuit is much better than two-piece pajamas.

For a little more fun, we chose it in the shape of a unicorn, dinosaur, frog or panda. Some jumpsuits have a tail, others have ears or horns. There's no denying it, waddling around in this type of onesie is still more stylish than your jogging and your old faded sweater.

To wear alone, it's fun. Wearing it in a group is even better. During a pajama party we will laugh in front of our friends dressed as giraffes and rabbits. As a family, the two youngest ones will be cute in their mouse-shaped onesies , and ours in the shape of a red panda. And gentleman can also get started since there are some for all tastes, and for all sizes.

Onesie for maximum comfort

Opting for the pajama suit is also and above all opting for a real dose of comfort. Usually made of cotton or plush fabric, the onesie is soft and pleasant to wear like on the site of this pajama jumpsuit specialist. Added to this is the practical side of its ample cut at the belly and legs. Legs apart, in the fetal position, legs in the air or cross-legged, all positions are possible when you are dressed in a onesie. And especially when you are pregnant you need so much comfort and restful sleep! No more belly protruding from the t-shirt that is a little too small and no more drafts of fresh air under it. In a pajama jumpsuit, mum and baby stay warm while having space.

Whether you have to get up to put some wood in the fireplace or to take out the dog waiting at the door, with a unicorn jumpsuit on his back, no reason to be afraid to leave your cocoon that you've warmed up on the sofa. Since the cocoon follows us wherever we go now.

Choose a pajama jumpsuit also gives a good reason to put away the two plaids that were lying around on the armchair all winter, and to reduce the electricity bill a little. And even if darling is a little reluctant to see us as unicorns every night, he will surely be less sulky when he understands that you will no longer have to steal his duvet during the night.

The only problem (and yes, there is one anyway) is when you have to go to the bathroom. Already because it is not always easy and quick to have to remove the whole onesie. But also because once seated peeing, buttocks and belly in the air, well you're cold...

Choose the right pajama suit

A priori, few elements are to be taken into account in the choice of a pajama jumpsuit, except the choice of the animal in which one wants curl up for the evening. However, some details are still to look closely.

Material first. It is a good idea to choose a sleepsuit made of cotton or plush fabrics for more comfort. On the other hand, we forget fleece suits , at the risk of getting too hot and sweating inside. The same goes for synthetic materials that will only make us itch.

For the size of the pajama jumpsuit, it is quite possible to choose your usual size, the sleepsuit being cut very loose. If, on the other hand, you want to wear big pajamas underneath, or if you are pregnant, then it is better to choose the size above.

Final details:watch out for tails and back plates on a dinosaur suit for example. It's funny, we totally agree on this point. But this is not necessarily practical when sitting on the sofa or lying in bed.