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Rather jewelry box or jewelry holder?

Jewels are privileged accessories in the world of women's fashion. Indeed, these elements complete your clothing style by highlighting your outfits and highlighting your personality. However, to keep them with the utmost care, it is important to store them carefully and safely. So you can be sure that they will keep their shine over time.

To store your jewels, you must use suitable storage so that they do not get tangled. To do this, you have the choice between using a jewelry box or a jewelry holder. What is the best storage for your accessories? Continue reading this article to find out.

Use a jewelry box to store your accessories

The jewelry box is a storage solution for your jewelry (rings, bracelets, chains, earrings, etc.) and other accessories. In general, it is a rectangular box with drawers and small compartments. However, some models are equipped with hinged doors.

Buying a jewelry box is an ideal solution tostore your precious accessories and preserve them. This object will shelter your jewelry from light, humidity and ambient air. As a result, this box protects your treasures against scratches, impacts, dust, light, heat, oxidation, etc. Thanks to the many compartments it has, this storage avoids contact between these objects , which helps prevent tangling or scratching. This box therefore allows you to preserve your jewelry against all the elements that could deteriorate it or tarnish its shine.

Apart from protecting your precious accessories, the jewelry box also ensures their safety. Generally, the models offered on the market are locked with a key or a digital code. In fact, your high-value jewelry is fully protected against thieves or your pet.

Finally, thanks to the different compartments of the jewelry box, you can store and sort your objects as you wish. So the time when you spend several minutes looking for the chain, the bracelet or the ring that you want to wear on your outfit of the day is over. Just open the box and the drawer in which the jewel you are looking for is placed and take it. You save valuable time that you can use elsewhere .

Anyway, the jewelry box is the obvious choice when you have many pieces, so that they do not clash in a classic box and to make it easier for you to find the morning.

How to choose your jewelry box?

The first element you should pay attention to when choosing your jewelry box is its material. In the market, the storage units differ from each other due to the material used for their manufacture. We therefore distinguish:

  • The wooden box :aesthetic, this model catches the eye thanks to its natural appearance. However, it is important to note that not all wooden boxes are equal and do not have the same price. An exotic teak storage unit for example is particularly resistant to fungi, parasites, diseases and external factors (heat, cold, etc.). Endowed with very oily and resinous properties, this very dense solid wood is self-maintaining. You can also opt for a mahogany cabinet because of its noble and very elegant appearance. This species is very durable and weather resistant. Other wood species such as walnut, bamboo, oak or cherry wood are also used to make these boxes. Depending on the type of wood used, your box can look filigree or robust and rustic.
  • The leather box :An excellent alternative to wood, leather is a material used to make high quality jewelry boxes. In general, the leather of these storage units is black in color. Nevertheless, manufacturers take care to form a contrast with seams of another color (red, orange, etc.). If you are vegan, there are leatherette boxes which are as aesthetic as the leather models.
  • The glass box :glass jewelry boxes are a very interesting option, because you can contemplate your jewelry as if it were in a showcase. If you have beautiful, high-value accessories that you want to present to your guests, for example, this is a particularly suitable solution.

In addition to the material used for the manufacture of the storage, it will also be necessary to pay attention to the weight of the equipment . Indeed, if you want to have a box that you can take with you when you are on the go, you must choose one whose weight does not pose a problem. On the other hand, if it is a box intended to stay at home, its weight does not matter.

Use a jewelry holder

If you don't have a lot of jewelry, using a box is useless. We advise you instead to turn to the jewelry holder . Practical, this stand allows you to store and present your beauty accessories. You just have to hang your jewelry on it and pick up the one you need when you want to complete your outfits.

In addition to showcasing your jewelry and other accessories, this holder also allows you to add a decorative touch to your interior . In fact, it is important to select it carefully, so that it does not stain your decor, while maintaining its practicality.

To choose your jewelry holder, you should pay attention to:

  • stability:the model you select must be able to select all your objects. Therefore, before buying this jewelry display, take an inventory of your belongings. This will allow you to assess the size and weight of the ideal jewelry holder to be sure of its good stability.
  • aesthetics:your display will be on display . As a result, it must please you and integrate well with your interior decoration. You therefore have the choice between a jewelry holder in the shape of a tree with numerous metal branches, an iron display unit designed with finesse, models with geometric, classic, eccentric, abstract shapes, etc.