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The fashion trends fall 2019

For the fall 2019 fashion trends, the 70s, 80s and 90s are making a big comeback. The entire fashion image is permeated by trends from these years. This is reflected in the designs, but also in the designs of the clothing itself. The fashion trends fall 2019, a must read for all fashionistas.

Millenial purple

Make way for millennial purple. In 2018 it was still the color pink that was completely hot and trendy, this color has now been exchanged for purple. The color varies from very light to very dark, with which you can make a real statement. However, both colors are perfect for the season and can even be worn in winter.

Every woman needs a cape

A cape is an absolute must in your autumn wardrobe. The capes are available in different styles and colors to suit every occasion. This makes it possible to wear a cape all day long, no matter where you have to go. A real must-have for the fashion-conscious woman this coming season.

Give your outfit a lighter effect with… feathers

Feathers will be totally hot and trendy this coming season. Whether it's feathers on your basic T-shirt or on the collar of your jacket, feathers are indispensable for a lighter outfit. The designers have really enjoyed this trend and made it easier for you:opt for subtly applied feathers or go all out with feathers all over.

A women's suit with a belt

An easily integrated trend is a women's suit with a belt. You don't have to buy a new suit if you already have one in your closet. If not, you simply wear trousers with a neat jacket over it. On this, preferably oversized coat, you can wear a belt as a fashion statement accessory. You can really indulge yourself with this trend.

Satin is back

Some designers decided to revive the satin trend from the 90s. Satin is of course very elegant, which is why this trend focuses mainly on clothes for a stylish night out. Or you can't do anything with this trend during the day? That is not true. During the day you simply wear a satin blouse in combination with trousers or jeans. You can buy the sets below at Tramontana

Asymmetrical necklines

If you are a fan of the one shoulder designs, then you can indulge yourself in the fashion trends autumn 2019. You can wear dresses, shirts and sweaters with an asymmetrical neckline in the autumn. Your neck and part of one shoulder are exposed in this trend. Not exactly a trend for cold-blooded people (like me).

Gold, gold and more gold

This fall you don't have to wear gold accessories or jewelry, simply opt for gold clothing. Yes, you read that right:it's all gold this season. And you can safely go completely over the top:so opt for a completely golden outfit and you are completely trendy dressed, ready to go out. As a true fashionista you have to embrace this trend.

The Renaissance returns to fashion

In addition to recent fashion trends from the 70s, 80s and 90s, the Renaissance is also making a major comeback. Think of very large cleavage, where a large part of the neck and partly the shoulders are exposed. A large neckline, preferably square, is totally fine. Clothing with layers and volume also fits perfectly with the Renaissance style.

Very long coats

Good news for all those who are cold:you will brave the coming autumn in style! The new trend shows very long coats. And I mean really long:jackets that come almost to the ankles are all the rage this season. Ideal for wrapping yourself completely in the jacket when the weather is cold, bleak and really autumnal.

Quilted clothing

A trend making a comeback from the 1970s is quilted clothing. The quilts or patchwork has of course been upgraded and given a modern twist. Ideal if you want to stand out with your clothes and want to wear something different. Incidentally, this trend also includes knitted clothing with differently colored  square surfaces.

Fluffy fleece it is

Another warm trend for all those who are cold:this autumn you can indulge yourself with fluffy fleece. Whether it's a jacket or a sweater, fleece is all the rage. A combination of fleece and leather is really trendy and shows that you are a fashion-conscious woman who knows what she wants.

Uniforms are trendy

Don't be surprised if you see women walking around in the fall who look like they are wearing a school uniform. Great designers such as Victoria Beckham and Lacoste have gone all out and designed 3-piece uniforms for women. The leading role is played by (Scottish) diamonds.

The shoulder pads make a comeback

Certain fashion from the 80s is making a comeback, that has been a trend since last autumn   and that certainly applies to this trend. Admittedly, you like it or not, but shoulder pads are totally back. Make your shoulders stand out and especially wear clothes with shoulder pads in the fall. The combination of broad shoulders and a thin waist are a perfect match and ensure that you are dressed completely fashion-conscious.

What do you think of the fall 2019 fashion trends? Are you going to follow these trends or would you rather skip?