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The backpack:the spring accessory

Gone are the days when men were only subscribers to sports bags. Fashion has entered men's leather goods and the backpack has become an essential accessory for everyday life. Here are 5 that promise to invest your dressing room.

The backpack:the spring accessory

It follows us from high school benches to college benches and we never get tired of it:the backpack has become the must-have in our dressing room and has been able to diversify year after year, even to Haute-Couture houses. Colourful, multi-pocket or minimal, the choice is yours!

How to talk about a backpack without mentioning the brand Eastpak ? As far as we can remember, they have never left us and keep our memories alive. For Spring Summer 2016, a safe bet:the Padded Pak'r, with a large main pocket and a small, zipped, on the front. Available in 161 colors! 50 euros.

For some time, the Herschel brand imposes itself on the front of the stage with backpacks that combine simplicity and fashionable details. An incredible success and a fresh collaboration with Mickey Mouse which reveals true beauty. Spread the word, this is Gentside's favourite. In navy or white, 70 euros.

Fashion designers are also crazy about the backpack that knows how to appeal to all budgets and all desires. Dolce &Gabbana offers a very colorful model with leather insert and incredible patterns. We love originality. 895 euros.

As always, Kenzo knew how to affix his signature! On this undeniably stylish backpack, we find the brand's own eye as well as the tiger in a play of colors and contrasts perfect for the season. We validate. 210 euros.

With a resolutely more minimal touch, the brand Comme des Garçons focused on simplicity. To be worn on the shoulders or across the body, this model at the height of the trend is available in camo, black and grey. 360 euros.